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Welcome to Torvaldsland

Ta-Sardar-Gor is located in Torvaldsland, in the Red Fjord, and is owned by Asatru Gothar.

It is one of the oldest taverns in Yahoo Gor.

The tavern itself is a Torvaldslander Hall

The Hall is a long house oriented East West so the small part is exposed to the winds from north, it is made of stone and wood. The seat of honour called the right chair and faces the big doors so the owner can see all that come in. The doors face East, the raising sun. In the middle there is a big fire place, in the walls there are torches regularly placed and shields tapestry and armoury for decoration. The tables are divided above and beneath the salt. Only the guests of honour sit above the salt.


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This webpage and clipart were created by Talina Gothar in 2001, as a present, for their Free Companionship anniversary.

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