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HAIR- ...long beautiful ha-air! Shinin' gleamin' streamin' flaxen waxin'...

Don't just hook on DragonballZ spikes to every character now---not without knowing more about it anyway. You can do what you like, after you learn how. I mean, hair isn't just a thing you wear on your head. It's growing from your scalp too doncha know!


I'll tell you.

1. Above the forehead, not from it, or the eyebrows. Unless the character MUST have shaggy bangs, don't draw just bangs cover their eyes up because it looks cool. To do this, make sure you have a forehead on your character, note where it is and draw from there. The hair, if it comes down the front can only graze the eyes to look just right.
2. Hair may grow in front of the ears, but there's a space around it from which hair does not grow. Check your own ears to see what I mean.
3. Where is the hairline? What is the hairline? It's where you part your hair, like down the middle or from the side on TOP of the head going to the back. Most of the time there might not be one, but maybe instead a circular whorl spot where hair sticks out a little from. Extremely short hair will have neither a whorl or a line.

DRAWING THE HAIR---It's on the head

First you draw a fairly round (doesn't have to be depending on what kind of hair) partial circle. Along this patial circle, you draw the outline of the hair. You do it like this, so it doesn't come out mottled or misshapen. If it comes out funky wonky dippity, then it's suggesting that the head underneath is also funky wonky dippity shape. The shape of the hair must somewhat symmetrically curve itself over the scalp.

You don't need to do the outline for spiked hair unless it will help. For spiked hair, you just need to know where the front hairline is, then work around and up to the top.

More On Drawing The Hair

By the way, from now on when you draw, you must draw a body. When you practice eyes, it is highly recommended that you draw it along with the rest of the face/head and when you draw the head you should best draw the neck and ultimately the body in order to further your improvement.

You do not have to draw the whole body, but more than neck and shoulders please. I like to draw and practice up to the beginning of the thighs most of the time. This way, you can avoid saying "I can draw eyes but I cannot draw them on faces!" or "I am really good at drawing head but they look demented when I draw the body" and "I do not know how to draw bodies!"

Draw the body when you practice the head! No matter how bad you feel like in doing this, relax, it is just a stick figure! It does not look good simply because you are not finished.

Anyways, back to the lesson. When hair is drawn, all the time in cartoons, comics, and the like it is drawn in simplified clumps and strands. Yes? Yes! Every clump must vary in size and curve with the other just enough as so not to look uniform, flat, or not-hair-like.

There two main ways to draw it, in double-strand form or total matt-clump form. I like the double-strand the best. For this technique you need to be up to par with sketching. Quick curving flicks that are not too heavy or light and do get this right I think you should learn to draw (( )) parentheses as FAAAAST! ---as you can on a sheet of paper until they become graceful looking.

Avoid erasing okay? Just flick quickly over the 'bad' lines, go over them okay? They are fine because you are using a pencil and have a right to be a tad messy. Worry about mess up lines later when you learn to ink in pen. As you learn to sketch the right lines however, you will make fewer mistakes and all your lines will be incredibly precise.

The double strand has two at most lines near each other practically in sync then one other line far away. Look at your own hair (grab a clump) if you can or someone else's, it is not true that it is denser and thicker in the middle and the strands are slender or more thin looking at the edges of the main clump?

The second way to draw hair is in straightforward clumps. They do not have to be spiked or pointy, but they can be curvy and wavy. For this you need only draw the outline of the hair. It is ideal for hair that is meant to be colored completely black. You might see it somewhat like this way in some mangas. If you double strand, it will not show up when you black it in! So why do that when you can just draw the outline?

More On Drawing The Hair

I don't know how anyone could not know how but I guess sometimes it's good to have some instruction before going ahead and trying.

There are three basic things you need to watch for in drawing hair accurately whichever way the head turns


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