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Some of you like to draw just eyes right? 'Cause they're easy? Think again, you would be drawing them on a face, well-proportioned and well-positioned if you could draw them so well. There's something else to them doncha know. Start studying this stuff and practicing! Here, you will learn basically more about the face too. Can't just draw something without knowing where it goes eh!

Facial Proportion and Eye Type

No matter what kind of eye you design, it should fit into the character's head without looking alienistic by way of following propotion. Between the two eyes should be enough room for a third eye of the same size and shape of the other two. Look in the mirror and check the space between your eyes, it's true. Anyhow, this proportion is basic, some drawing styles only require about two-thirds of an eye size inbetween.

I have named the four basic types of eyes as normal, blue, red, and yellow. Normal is normal. Blue is narrow, mainly the eye of most characters were are serious-like, cold (cool), and hero-ish. Red are raised eyes, kinda foxy and evil. Take it however you want. Yellow are droopy eyed calm, nice, and peaceful.


To create an original character you need a unique eye that subtly and somewhat explains the character's personality. You can do this my combining the types, shapes, and sizes or the like. Eye type has to do with what direction the shape leans to. Keep it in mind.