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This is for Kyle. Yeah, I don't get too many e-mails. So far only from two people total. Maybe three, but that person never e-mailed me back. Sad eh? It figures that they got a hold of my dead website (the one I lost password to, don't look).

I never really bother to update, sorry. I'm lazy AND my scanner was broken. Was too poor to buy a new one. But hey, paint is good too. So I used it temporarily

Shirts, believe them or not, people wear them!

The picture is self explanatory but Il'l explain it a bit if I feel like it later.


Eh. Well this is self explanatory too but you might wanna know that flipping and clipping through JC Penny, Kohls, or whatever ads are good for finding pictures of clothes doncha know. You can draw it off those for reference or pose for yourself in a mirror until you get it right.

Don't you like to wear collared shirts?


...draw the same clothes over and over again 'cause it's an outfit that you're best at but don't forget to alter them according to a character's body type and gender.


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