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When drawing manga, I find these poses to be the kind people like to draw the best. The problem is, They can't draw the arm and hand part. Even after checking this lesson, if you still can't get it right then you might want to pose in the mirror. As your prop, hold a ruler or a broom. Just don't use a wet mop, you'll slip, fall, and break something.

Guy with prop

I hope it's self-explanatory enough. I even outlined the little steps to the basic stick outline for all you people who forget about stuff a lot!

Girl with prop

Just like in any pose that has to do with the prop you have to pay careful detail to where the prop relates to the character. In this case again, it is the hands. So you DRAW THE HAND that's in contact with the prop FIRST. Then, you draw the arm! 'Cause if you draw the arm first, sometimes things get out of hand (or proportion). Haha! Get it? Pun intended joke...

Crossed Legs

I'm pretty sure only girls sit like this so I drew a triangle. Should you want to draw a guy sitting all louge-like that's a different pose I'll show you later.