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QUICK ANATOMY NOTE: The male body is like a number 7 compared to a girl's curvy number 8. That means the width of his pelvis is narrower than the width of his shoulders.

Got your materials? Good. The basic process of stick figure drawing hasn't changed much. You draw the head and the rest going downwards.


First of all, I advise you to draw a straight line somewhere next to where you're going to draw the figure, or else the whole thing will look tilted or crooked. I've known that to happen to myself and several people learning to draw before I discovered the line up trick. Ockham's Razor.

If you can estimate pretty close to the center of the circle, I advise drawing a line through there like in the example. And if for any reason the line up trick doesn't work, draw another line of the opposite side so that your character is restricted to stand straight in a narrow box. Or... you could just be drawing the line crooked or tilted.

-Like I've said before, a guy's shoulders are wider than the width of his pelvis (hips). So unless he's a small child, his chest should be broad in size.
-His middle isn't curvy unless he's anorexic or something. So draw it kinda straight.
-His pelvis is narrow and long. Avoid making it big or curved outwards. An average male's hips actually curve inwards.


This example is crooked, I put it in the scanner badly. Ignore it!

Unlike the female, the male does not have a gap between his legs. Why? That gap is pretty much occupied...

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