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I've got about maybe three pages of the basics for you. Front, 3/4, and 1/2 view alrighty? It's not so hard. Method 1 is all about plain old stick figure blocking! You gotta learn and practice this before you actually start drawing intermediately or professionally. So... after you learn this stuff... DRAW STICK FIGURES LIKE CRAZY. Practice dudes, cover up whole pages with stick figures in every pose you can think of no matter how bad you think they'll turn out.

You gotta trust me! This is one of the first steps to drawing well: drawing anyway.

IMPORTANT ANATOMY NOTE: A girl's shoulder width is equal to that of her hips. If you draw her hips or her pelvis too small and narrow you've got some kind of a man...

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Why draw downwards? Because drawing things here and there willy nilly isn't going to help you. If you haven't noticed, your own limbs are attatched to each other and you gotta acknowledge that.

-Draw a straight line either next to where you're gonna draw your standing girl or through the smack center of the circle (her head). Drawing a line through the center of a circle might be a hard feat but you can always estimate it after tracing a circle from either a template or a coin. You can freehand if you're more comfy that way.
-You need to draw the lines to keep from drawing something that tilts crooked or sideways.
-Sketch the neck, don't make it too long unless the girl has a long shaped face and not too short unless she doesn't really have a chin.
-Then sketch her chest. You might want to draw shoulders afterwards so y'got some eyeball measurement to check on her hips later.
-Draw the middle, make sure it's curved some.

Later in the ADVANCED tutorial, I'll teach you how to draw differently figured girls. Skinny, tall, lanky, voluptuous, lithe, short, and etc! But first know the basics or else the advanced section may not be easy.

Curve Thisaway

There's a natural gap between the legs of a girl. Why? If you don't know, I hate to break it to you like this 'cause I'm not a health teacher but girls don't have a pee-pee like a boy's. Wanna know something else? Haha of course you do. Some girls don't have much of a gap if their legs are thicker built and girls also sit down when they pee--on a toilet too man.

If you jump to the drawing male bodies tutorial you'll see that a guy's pelvis is a narrower and longer while a girl's is shallow and wide.
-Alright, for the basic girl figure you leave the gap when you draw the thighs.

-In any pose, it's not only recommended but much easier to draw the arms last.
-Unlike a guy's legs, a girl's knees seem to curve inward towards each other. That's why you always see them exaggerated inwards a lot of the time. It accentuates the girl's girlishness.
-Do the feet look too big? Well they aren't. It's just the fact I'm planning to draw shoes straight on later.
-Don't worry about the drawing of hands, you can get to that by looking at examples, practicing, and following my tutorial!

The Rest of The Body

Instructions are self-explanatory. Draw whatever kinds of clothes you want. When I mean 'additional cleanup step, repair, and detail steps' I mean that you can do more than just a quicky piece of slop I give you here.