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To draw an original character, you gotta plan all the basic details of the frame, meaning the shape and size! Because shape and size may determine age, certain character traits, and a more personalized appearance so you can avoid characters that look all the same even with different faces and etc.

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Look at these two shapes that make the middle carefully.

The cylinder shape still has a slight curve to it. It's like this because the figure is that of a young adolescent girl. She hasn't yet developed all the curves so her chest looks pretty even with the rest of her torso.
This shape can also be used to draw tall and lanky framed girls. The shoulders are best to stay slender in width to avoid making her look shorter than she really is.
This shape does not look good with big breasts but the hourglass shape does.

The hourglass shape is more mature. The space (her middle) looks shorter and pinched than that of the cylinder-girl because she has developed more. So her shoulders are less slender and more broad and along with this her hips are bigger also.
This shape accentuates breast size, so big guns will look good on her.
To me, this shape is almost athletic-like. If you look at a few swimsuit and sport magazines, you can probably shape it a little more and a six pack would do nicely on it.


Little girls don't have much about them. Just draw them very short with big round reads and no curvage please. I'm very tolerant of many student antics, but curves on a young, elementary kid barely out of kindergarten doesn't look right, it's waaaaaay anatomically incorrect.

There is not much difference between a little girl and a little boy. Just be sure to shape her legs right. Young children don't got nothing developed so they're refined square shapes that can be bony or most preferably chubby if they're not starving in some rural city.



If you really like breasts, hips, and thighs then this is for you!

Like in any other girl shape, you need to pay attention to the shoulder-hip width, the curvage of the middle, and the thighs. To draw a girl, you always need to have a figure-8 shape overall.

To draw the cone shape girl, you gotta think round. Start by drawing the head and neck like you usually do, except this time, the chest is wider.
Anyways, the two slope lines you'll draw to be the middle need to sweep farther out than when drawing an average girl. You draw everything in the same process, the size of one thing leads smoothly to the other.