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How do you come up with an original hairstyle? Easier than you think. Because for one thing, everyone has their own hands and style to go with it in combination with your preferances. The next few pages going through this subject will have hair drawing and drawings from friends of mine! Seeing my style over and over gets old. Maybe sometime when you feel you can draw very well, e-mail me additional examples for my tutorial!

Hair Examples 1

What's the difference between men's hair and women's hair? I don't really know. You can pretty much do whatever you want with the design just like you would with the eyes. Here in this example a friend thoughtfully laid out the steps he does in drawing it.

See step 3? As is shown, hair is not flat unless the character does not have a lot of hair, or is stringy and oily headed. It is on the scalp, it grows from the scalp, but it is not PLASTERED (unless you dump gel and slick it) to the head! Make sure to draw the hair not too close to the original head.

Hair Examples 2

He was kind enough to draw us two example pieces. Great eh? If you can read it, like he said, girl's hair if often (but not always) softer than a guy's hair. Compare the first head here with the one in step 4 in the male example. If you want to draw male and female twin duos, this may be one detail you could do. The twins will have the same hairstyle, but the girl's is rounder and softer in someway.

If you like his style, click the link to see more of his art!Featured Artist

Hair Examples 3

As you can see, line style differs in each artist. The artist above used stiff solid lines, the kind that usually works best for spikey hair. This artist here, also has a kind of solidity to her lines, except these have a lighter, rounder, and swishy quality to it. You follow?

The styles here, are more free and natural looking. No special coifs, it's just hair. And hair like this, needs a quality of line different from the full-on anime examples above.

By the way, note the cleanliness of these lines. Unlike the pencil sketchy style I have (because I'm a penciller), this artist has linework suited for no-hassle inking. Inking can turn into a big mess if you dunno what the jello wiggles you're doing! If you want just pencil work like me and the artist above, be my guest you know all you will. BUT, if you want to INK your work like real MANGA sometime, it's a good idea to have clean and distinctive lines like what you see to the right.

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