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My Interaction With  Karol F. Madera, VE7KFM



My name is James Hiers. I work for the Department of Homeland Security in a supervisory role here in Texas. Prior to that I was a Coxswain (boat pilot or driver if you will), a Boarding Officer (law enforcement officer), Rescue Swimmer, and Duty EMT for the U.S. Coast Guard. I also served with the Kissimmee Police Department in Central Florida for 3 years. I'm a family man and a working guy. I guess you could say I've been in public service for most of my adult life. I also operate an amateur (ham) radio station. My amateur call sign is KE5WRT. I've enjoyed amateur radio and I've found almost all amateur operators to be sane, friendly, knowledgeable, positive people. There is one notable exception (VE7KFM-Karol Florian Madera) and I'll get to him in a moment. I have to stress that this person is an anomaly - he doesn't represent Canadians, Canada, the Canadian Forces, or amateur operators in general. He's a bad apple and a rarity on the air and frankly, I believe he needs psychological help. In my very first interaction with Karol Madera, I learned that he is extremely mentally ill. He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air. He seems to hate the U.S. government and most Americans in general. After he attacked me and began to stalk and sexually harass my 11 year old daughter, I researched the facts independently and I found that the facts are in agreement with the web page at which exposes Karol Madera for what he is; a fraud, a pathological liar, a child abuser/molester and a military impostor. For more details, see and the following YouTube video related to what he said to/about me, titled "VE7KFM MELTDOWN." My advice would be to avoid this operator at all costs. Do not encourage his anti- American rants, and above all, do not engage him in conversation! He's a loose cannon and he is a danger to himself as well as to others in his community. As Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does" and "That's all I got to say about that." God bless! James, KE5WRT Any questions? Contact me at: