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Important- Paternity Fraud Legislation Filed in Florida


Updates to Florida Legislation



Let's End Paternity and Child Support Fraud


            In too many cases, Florida men end up paying child support on other men's children AND DON'T KNOW IT! Often the mother involved DOES know or suspect that the child/ren are not the children of the man she married, but she remains silent, or claims that they are his children. This is fraud. When she makes that claim to a court in a divorce or a child support action, she is committing perjury. She may claim to be doing it "for the children". A crime committed "for the children" is still a crime.

            The perception of the general public and many legislators, attorneys, court officials, and law enforcement professionals is that the mother and child have a right to get child support.

No one is denying that right!

            Victims of paternity fraud are saying, “make the bio-dad responsible to pay child support, not me. The mother of the child KNOWS how many and who the possible candidates for fatherhood are, let her go after them and leave me alone to get on with my life. “


What can be done?

If you are a man involved in a divorce action or a

child support action, insist on a paternity test.

If you are a mother, resist temptation:

Refuse to be part of the problem

Name the real father

You don't need the pressure of committing a

felony (fraud, perjury)

In a day when so many medical situations have genetic roots,

your child deserves to

know his or her genetic ancestry.

If you are an attorney on either side of a divorce action

or a child support action, insist on a paternity test.

 If you are the mother's attorney, protect your client.

Don't let her commit fraud or perjury.

If you are a Family Court judge,

always order paternity testing

(except in the case of adopted or children from a prior marriage).

If you have been victimized, demand restitution!!

Express your views

Write to your:


Florida Senators: E-mail Florida Senators

Florida Representatives: E-mail State Representatives

Governor Jeb Bush: Email Address Executive Offices

Florida State’s Attorney: check with your district

Ask for legislation that requires paternity testing in all

divorce and child support cases.

Ask for legislation to facilitate restitution in paternity and

child support fraud cases.

Educate others about the nature and size of the problem.



Click HB 073, HB 379 and SB 240, and SB 1000  



to see text of Paternity Fraud Legislation filed in Florida



Click Proposed Legislation  to see text of


Paternity Fraud Legislation for use in Other States



E-Mail your thoughts and stories relating to Paternity Fraud


Paternity Fraud



Adultery is still a crime in Florida, read the law: FS 798

            In most of the world societies that exist today, a woman who put her husband and children in jeopardy by committing adultery would be looked on as a threat to the stability of society.  The outcome of adultery committed by women is considered more harmful than that of men, and hence, the severest penalties should apply.

            It is imperative that women speak out against the type of women that manipulate the system by perpetuating paternity fraud.  It needs to be known that: “Some Women lie!  These women lie, because they can get away with it!"  with the full sanction of the courts. In almost every Family Court room it is women, instead of men, who are given the benefit of the doubt.



Write To Your Officials


            One way to bring public attention to the issue of Paternity Fraud and how it is affecting people is to write to your elected officials and inform them of the problem of Paternity Fraud. Make them aware that laws need to be passed to protect Paternity Fraud victims, and to prevent Paternity Fraud from happening in the future by requiring DNA testing in all divorce, child custody, and child support cases filed.  Use the text of the letter below as a guide to write to your elected officials, the media, and court officials

Text of Letter



Letter-writing campaign to

US Justice Dept. about Paternity Fraud


You can help by writing a letter to Washington, DC. Send your letters to:

U.S. Department of Justice;

Daniel Bryant, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs;

950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.;

Main Justice Building, Room 1537;

Washington D.C. 20530.

This Information must bring into national focus that among men that are DNA tested,

30% are found  not to be the bio-dad.


There is new information that in Washington State the rate of men tested is that over

50% of the men are not the bio-dad.


This National Epidemic must be stopped now.


Letter Writing Campaign Information



Please add your name to the


ON Line Paternity Fraud Petition Campaign, the free online petition service


I have read and signed the online petition:


"Paternity Fraud is a international epidemic, we demand justice for all men!"


Read about the Paternity Fraud Petition:



       In 1988 Congress passed the Family Support Act mandating states to provide paternity testing at the request of any party.  Why are the States not following this law? Why is the Federal Government ignoring this law? Write letters to your elected officials and ask why.




New Statistics About Paternity Fraud


October 10, 2001



Paternity Statistics from

The Men’s Health Network


Who is daddy and who is not , February 25, 2000


            OCSE data indicate that approximately 31% of men who request a paternity test during the IV-D agency child support establishment process are excluded as the father of the child.

            In at least one jurisdiction, unwed fathers were given this information and encouraged to ask for a DNA test before agreeing to paternity.  In that jurisdiction, the "failure" or "success" rate (depending on which side of the issue you are on) was 50%.

            For those of you who believe this is strictly an unwed issue, studies indicate that many children from intact families face the same paternity dilemma -- with 14% to 20+% (depending on the study) of children from intact homes not being "daddy's" kids.   Data from those studies are in the Men’s Health Network’s Washington, DC offices.

            For more information on this issue, contact:

Men’s Health Network   202-543-MHN-1



Partners in the Fight Against Paternity Fraud

For further Paternity information in other States, click on this link:


Oklahoma Paternity Fraud


For further information on DADS of Florida and Second Wives:

DADS of Florida



E-Mails for The Florida Legislature:


            Florida’s Governor and Lt. Governor: Governor Jeb Bush

            Florida House of Representatives: State Representatives

            Florida State Senate: State Senators



Comments on Paternity Fraud

Barbara Johnson, an Attorney in Boston has some thoughts regarding DNA and Paternity:

            The scheming mother has the benefit of both receiving money as a result of her fraud and having possession of the child.

            The bio father has the benefit of evading the mother and the child-support payments.  He might never have known the woman was pregnant and never bonded with the child.

            Only the man who was tricked bears the brunt: he's bonded with the child, he then loses the child -- in several ways -- and then has to pay for the child denied him.

            This the high court has said is all in the so-called best interest of the child, to wit, to not let the child think the man he or she knew as Daddy has abandoned him or her.

            Now that is a crock of turds.  If that were truly the outcome of such monstrous court decisions, the court would make visitation or custody possible.

            All the righteous and supposedly professional language of the courts cannot disguise what is reprehensible judicial legislation.

Barbara C. Johnson, Attorney at Law, Andover, Massachusetts: False Allegations


Time limits would protect the criminal and violate the

14th amendment

"The Truth"


Editorial by Carnell Smith, April 2001



There have recently been a number of men who have discovered through the scientific advancement of DNA testing, that they have been paying child support for children who are not theirs.  And of course the courts say "someone has to be responsible for the costs of the child, and that someone is you, sucker."

But to show how absurd the courts are, just reverse the roles.  Suppose a married man has an affair and the girlfriend gets pregnant. The couple divorces and the girl friend has a baby.  Then the court orders that the ex-wife pay child support for the girlfriend's baby!  Sounds preposterous, doesn't it?  But that is what happens to male victims of paternity fraud.

Here's a novel idea; in these instances, unless the woman informs the court who the father is (or could be) and the DNA tests prove who the father is, the sperm donor (father) would than have to take over the support payments or, in the event the mother refuses to divulge the sperm donor's identity, (here's a really novel idea) the MOTHER ALONE will be financially responsible for the child.


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