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Welcome to the new Tiger Cub

Tigers are meeting on Wednesdays!

Be sure to contact your leader or any member
listed in your activities guide for more info!

The Tiger cub program has undergone a complete re-structure this year.....we are familiarizing ourselves with the program as we speak. Listed below is the information we have been able to obtain about the Tiger program thus far. It seems to be yet another awesome cub scouting program packed with lots of fun for a first year cub scout! If you have any questions, as always you can email me!





1.       Making My Family Special

1F - Think of one chore you can do with your adult partner. Complete it together
1D - Make a family scrapbook
1G - Go to a library, historical society, museum, old farm, or historical building, or visit an older person in your community. Discover how family life was the same and how it was different many years ago.

  1. Where I Live

2F - Look at a map of your community with your adult partner.
2D - Practice the Pledge of Allegiance with your den, and participate in a den or pack flag ceremony.
2G - Visit a police station or fire station. Ask someone who works there how he or she helps people in your community.

  1. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe

3Fa - With your family, plan a fire drill and then practice it in your home.
3Fb - With your adult partner, plan what to do if you become lost or separated from your family in a strange place.
3D - Make a food guide pyramid.
3G - Learn the rules of a game or sport. Then go watch an amateur or professional game or sporting event.

  1. How I Tell It

4F - At a family meal, have each family member take turns telling the others one thing that happened to him or her that day. Remember to practice being a good listener while you wait for your turn to talk.
4D - Play "Tell It Like It Isn't."
4G - Visit a television station, radio station, or newspaper office. Find out how people there communicate to others.

  1. Let's Go Outdoors

5F - Go outside and watch the weather.
5D - With a crayon or colored pencil and a piece of paper, make a leaf rubbing.
5G - Take a hike with your den.

When you and your boy have followed the five steps of the Tiger Cub, your boy has earned his Tiger Cub badge.


After your boy has earned the Tiger Cub Badge , he can earn Tiger Track beads - by completing elective activities in this handbook. Tiger Cubs strives to provide an opportunity for your boy to learn and grow while having fun along with you. The wide variety of electives allows your Tiger Cub to choose additional activities and receive recognition for his participation. The electives help broaden a boy's horizons and fulfill the Tiger Cub motto of Search, Discover, Share. Electives provide advancement opportunities and recognition for your boy until he is eligible to begin working on the Wolf rank.

Tiger Track BeadsA boy shouldn't feel, however, that he must do all of the electives. Some may not appeal to him, and some he may want to do more than once. if a boy completes an elective activity twice, it may be counted as two electives. But at the same time, try to avoid much repetition, as variety will keep Tiger Cubs more interesting for your boy.

As with the achievements, you, the adult partner, approve your boy's completion of electives by signing the handbook in the space provided for "Akela's OK." Then let your den leader know about completed electives. The den leader will fill in the Tiger Cub Den Advancement Report, found in the Cub Scout Leader Book, to show Tiger Track beads earned and give the report to the pack committee at the monthly pack leaders' meeting. In addition, your boy, with your help, will keep track of his own elective advancement on the Tiger Track Trail found on page 154 of his handbook.

Here's how earning Tiger Track beads works: A boy earns one Tiger Track bead for every 10 electives he completes. The Tiger Track bead is presented to you, the adult partner, at a pack meeting, and you in turn present it to your boy. The Tiger Track beads are suspended from one the the lace strands on the Tiger Cub Totem (as illustrated to the right)

A boy may work concurrently on both achievement and elective projects; however, he can't receive Tiger Track beads until he has earned the Tiger Cub badge.

The Tiger Cub Handbook documents all of the Tiger Cub Electives with ideas and tips for the Tiger Cub and his Adult partner. The following list enumerates the 50 Tiger Cub electives by elective number and name.


  1. How Do You Celebrate?
  2. Making Decorations
  3. Fun and Games
  4. Display a Picture
  5. Family Mobile
  6. Song Time
  7. Play Along
  8. Your Religious Leaders
  9. A New Friend
  10. Helping Hands
  11. Helping the Needy
  12. A Friendly Greeting
  13. Making Change
  14. Reading Fun
  15. Our Colorful World
  16. Collecting and Other Hobbies
  17. Make a Model
  18. Sew a Button
  19. Magic Fun
  20. Get the Word Out
  21. The Show Must Go On
  22. Picnic Fun
  23. What Kind of Milk?
  24. Help in the Kitchen
  25. Snack Time
  26. Phone Manners
  27. Emergency!
  28. Smoke Detectors
  29. Safety in the Sun
  30. Plant a Seed
  31. Learn About Animals
  32. Feed the Birds
  33. Cleanup Treasure Hunt
  34. Conservation
  35. Fun Outdoors
  36. See a Performance
  37. Take a Bicycle Ride
  38. Bicycle Repair
  39. Go to Work
  40. Fun in the Water
  41. Transportation
  42. Fun at the Zoo
  43. Pet Care
  44. Dairy Products
  45. Fresh Baking
  46. Healthy Teeth and Gums
  47. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  48. Go for a Ride
  49. Your Government
  50. Banking



To begin his path towards the Tiger Cub rank, a boy must do three things. They are:

  1. Learn the "Tiger Cub Motto" (The MOTTO is: "SEARCH, DISCOVER, SHARE ")
  2. Learn the Cub Scout Sign
  3. Learn the Cub Scout Salute


When he has done these, he is awarded the Tiger Cub belt totem at a pack meeting. This is a plastic recognition device that he wears on his belt. The front side of the totem is emblazoned with a tiger paw print, and the reverse includes a recessed space for your Tiger to mount his Tiger Cub badge (see above) when he earns it. The lower end of the totem includes space for four strands for totem beads. A boy earns totem beads by working on the five Tiger Cub achievements.


There are five achievements in Tiger Cubs:

  1. Making My Family Special
  2. Where I Live
  3. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
  4. How I Tell It
  5. Let's Go Outdoors

Each achievement has three parts: a family activity, a den activity, and a Go See It outing. A boy receives totem beads as he completes each part:

These beads go on the first three strands of the Tiger Cub belt totem. (The fourth strand is for Tiger Track Beads which signify completed electives.)

A boy can earn only one bead for each of the 15 achievement parts, regardless of how many times he may repeat a part.

As each bead is awarded and added to a boy's belt totem, he should be recognized with a simple ceremony at a den meeting. When a boy has earned all 15 beads, he is eligible to receive his Tiger Cub Badge, signifying that he has earned the Tiger Cub rank.