Super Game Boy Codes And Pallettes

This page is intended as a repository for recommended SGB color codes and palettes for various Game Boy games which don't have special palettes. To get your favored codes on:

a) If you're in Rinkworks, memo me.

b) If you're in Furcadia, tell me in a regular message or whisper. I'll try to pick it out of the logfile later.

c) If you know my AIM sn, and I'm on, you may tell me there. If you use this method, I'll credit the screen name you use in RinkChat or Furcadia. In the case of Furcadia, I may ask which sn you want me to credit.

In all cases, I need the name of the game, the area of the game(where applicable), and the color code or palette.

Source is in red. Where the source is not noted, I figured it out myself.

* - tested by the site owner


Mario's Bonus Round - 2081-2820-3243 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Koopa Troopa Bonus Round - 2421-9619-9917 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Casino FunPak

1A - (Nintendo Power #67)

Contra: The Alien Wars

1F - (Nintendo Power #66)

Cool Spot

2421-9219-9243 - (Nintendo Power #63)

Cutthroat Island

3E - (Nintendo Power #82)

Dr. Mario

One Possibility - 5290-6802-1913 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball

1B - (Nintendo Power #80)

The Getaway: High Speed

1B - (Nintendo Power #80)

The Hunt For Red October

Blue Water, Gray Sub* - 2422-0121-6243

Itchy and Scratchy: Miniature Golf Madness

4B - (Nintendo Power #63)

Jeopardy! Sports Edition

2F - (Nintendo Power #62)

The Jungle Book

4B - (Nintendo Power #62)

Kirby's Block Ball

4D - (Nintendo Power #83)

Kirby's Dream Land

Kirby's Adventure-esque - 7142-0419-9714 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Stage 4 With Cotton-Candy Clouds - 7142-0226-6332 (Super Game Boy Guide)
The Fight With King Dedede: Bold Color Combo - 1972-0428-9323 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Kirby's Pinball Land

A Suggestion - 1572-0617-9320 (Super Game Boy Guide)

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Tail Cave: Art Lover - 1148-3564-3416 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Pols Voice & Stalfos Knight - 2427-7577-5903 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Green Slime Blobs - 1012-2213-7859 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Flashing Floor Tile Puzzle - 7327-3279-6796 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Safe "Lava" River - 1761-2878-0780 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Face Shrine: Architectural Masterpiece - 1431-9676-8768 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Eagle's Tower: Marble Tile - 0771-1515-6243 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Approaching the End - 0902-2778-3911 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Mario & Yoshi

Red Yoshi - 0501-9219-9918 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Metroid II: Return of Samus

A Suggestion - 1442-5670-4113 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Parasitic Feeling - 0692-1540-7243 (Super Game Boy Guide)
New Dimensions - 1971-9220-1243 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Metallic - 2012-4319-7115 (Super Game Boy Guide)
More Noxious Metroids - 7342-1534-9243 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Eerie Dungeon - 1972-1579-8071 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Battle With Queen Metroid - 1921-9726-3435 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Mortal Kombat 2

4D - (Nintendo Power #65)

Mortal Kombat 3

1B - (Nintendo Power #79)


2F - (Nintendo Power #68)

Nintendo World Cup

Brightly Colored - 2422-1720-0243 (Super Game Boy Guide)


4D - (Nintendo Power #83)

Robocop vs. Terminator

B4 - (Nintendo Power #63)

Space Invaders

4D - (Nintendo Power #62)

Super Mario Land

1-3* - 1157-0970-9243 (Super Game Boy Guide)
2-1 & 2-2* - 7097-0920-1709
2-3* - 0727-0920-1320 (Super Game Boy Guide)
3-3* - 0842-0719-2217 (Super Game Boy Guide)
4-3* - 1387-1371-3713 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Macro Zone: Water Area* - 0500-7220-3915 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Mario Zone* - 5311-9524-0915 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Tree Zone* - 5311-9613-5723 (Super Game Boy Guide)
The Castle* - 5312-0724-0915 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

Rice Beach* - 0691-3520-1243 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Mt. Teapot* - 7110-6419-9352 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Sherbet Island* - 2422-1221-5359 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Stove Canyon* - 2421-5125-6348 (Super Game Boy Guide)
S.S. Teacup* - 7097-0970-9709 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Parsley Woods* - 7092-0619-9709 (Super Game Boy Guide)
Syrup Castle* - 2421-3232-5390 (Super Game Boy Guide)


2A - (Nintendo Power #62)

Taz Mania

A1 - (Nintendo Power #64)

Tecmo Bowl

Normal* - 2421-9921-7243
Challenge Mode*(Both sides wear same color shirts, invisible kick meter) - 2421-9924-2243
Trophy* - 2421-9721-7243


Clay Court - 1967-2672-6726 (Super Game Boy Guide)


Neon* - 2430-7319-2144 (Super Game Boy Guide)

Yogi's Gold Rush

3B - (Nintendo Power #65)

EXTRA! Set your border in Super Game Boy to any animated border, and push L L L L R(the buttons on either side of the cord, not the directions on the directional pad). The show will start without further ado.