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Blood Drops - Sam's fictional character from The Mad Overlord and The Duel of the Ages comes in for a brief interview with some of the chatters. My comment regarding being written on refers to prizes in RinkWorks Contests.

Pet Names - First, there was How To Be Romantic, which set off this thread. But when it entered the chat room and Brunnen-G started teasing him with it, Sam had to do something. Find out what here.

Dave Makes Dinner - Dave makes a meal of mac-n-cheese-n-chicken-n-veggies. He tells us all about it. Of course, we have to comment. :-) Dave wins the Best First Appearance Award for his appearance in this archive.

The Banning of Sam - We start of with Dave kicking and banning Sam. The rest of the archive is spent watching and waiting for his return. Dave wins the Best Ban award for banning Sam.

The Revenge of Sam - Last time on RinkChat, Dave banned Sam. This time, Sam gets his revenge...



Mousie's Ode To Dave - Mousie makes up a poem for Dave. My comment refers to an unarchived remark by Mousie that she pronounces "Ny" like "Ni", as in The Knights Who Say.

The Revenge of Sam, Part II - Stephen's referring to Sam as an AI gets him into trouble. He gets the same treatment as Dave, pretty much.

Group Therapy - Blood Drops, from the aforementioned archive bearing his name, acts as therapist for Darius, Dave's fictional character from The Cat's Meow and, again, The Duel of the Ages; others in the chatroom participate as well, except for Dave, who only makes things difficult. I couldn't be present for the complimenting session near the end; although my exit is not recorded, it may be inferred. Princessa's line at the end is priceless.

The Sting, Part II (Winner of the Best Archive RinkAward!) - In The Sting, Part I, Stephen fools Brunnen-G into thinking that Radebur is a separate entity from himself as opposed to a parody of the generic lame-acting chatter. At the end, we see them plotting to fool Darien. Here, they carry out said plan, but with a surprising twist in store for Stephen... Also, Stephen wins an award for his appearance as Radebur, whose initial appearance is in The Sting, Part I.

The Death of Kiki - Kiki's name is derived from the ferret in Sluggy Freelance. The portion at the start refers to this, only she dies. There is a funeral, but she isn't buried; I play the part of Riff to bring back our beloved regular.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - In this Rinkish spoof of the newish game show in the title, Sam is the host, Finchplucker is in the Hot Seat, eric_sleator is at the music, and everybody else is in the audience. I have a bit part. Dave gets the Best Kick award for kicking everybody(except Liface).

Stupid Day 2000 - The day we all act stupid. I can be found in the 7th, 8th, 11th(as Fawcett), and 12th(also as Fawcett) parts of the archive.


People Bots - Dave is gone, and various people, including myself, get "bots" which supposedly act like us. Later, Sam makes some bots which don't have the "Bot" as part of their names. G'wan, check it out...

Dudes To Be Feared - Hackers(ahckers?) are greatly spoofed in the chat room this time around. I don't say much in this one, either. CAUTION: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE A HEADACHE OR ARE PRONE TO HEADACHES!

Candy And Then Some - Candy is discussed with almost... religious... fervor.

Cheesy Cheese - My first starring role. A Reader's Poll set off this pun war.

Bedtime Ritual Adventure Fun - Washu goes to bed, describing the process to some extent. I get one line in...

Death By Science - Various anecdotes involving water, electrolosis [sic], pure sodium, Vandegraff generators, and... frog dissection. I throw in a few puns.


Brainstorming - A slip of the tongue by Stephen touches off a flood of ideas for Sam's future Rinkworks games.

A RinkChat Retrospective - Several previous archives are remembered by doing them. I participate a little more than usual.

Phone Follies - Phone stories that have the ring of truth. In actuality, Iss's line about the thankless job of telemarketers came before my sarcasm-laden line "thanking" a generic telemarketer. Why were they transposed? Beats me. It still makes sense, but...

Crazy Insane Play Supreme - Sakura suggests a play, and we agree. Sam gives out a bunch of parts, and we(including him) play them. Then he gives a list of parts to choose from every so often, and we choose our new parts to play. This goes until Sam decides to end it. Mia wins an award for one of her labels.

Stream of Insanity Derby - Issachar rules this one in an attempt to dispel boredom. Did it work? I don't remember.


Bleeding Excessively - Grishny's nosebleed sets off a torrent of personal injury stories. I tell my glass globe story.

Pool Party - Hugging, tickling, and water all play a role in this archive. Much of the tickling is done by me. :)


Hampered By Pun Death - A hamper and death by puns about baked goods are featured. One of mine nets me the Best Pun RinkAward.

The Case Of The Mangled Wrap - Sam and Darien manage to ruin Mia's wrap, and I save the day. Or the wrap, at least.

Murder! - Silvercup attacks Iss, causing his death. Ticia pursues her. I am involved in her initial capture. Whatever.

Tired By So Much Late - Weariness Sam incoherently near makes. This me on trust. The read or archive. Mousie wins the Best Onomatopoeia award for an onomatopoeia contained therein.

Cute Cute Cute - Rule #1: always be there when food is being prepared, so you know when it's being prepared. Rule #2: always have the latest version of ESP installed in your brain.

Mischief In School - Stories from school abound. How mischievious we were. :)

WHAMMO!Winner of the Best Anecdotal Archive RinkAward) - Like Bleeding Excessively, without, well, the excess blood. Also, a Drunk Play in Two Acts.

The Cat Outside The Window Of Hate - Stephen tries to explain his hatered of us metaphorically. Later, he's scared by a cat.

The Affair - This archive is massive; easily more than twice as big as Stupid Day 2000. Perhaps this is because it spans the largest period of time of any archive, with the Stupid Day archives being the only other ones to span more than 2 days. Genlanar and flyingcats are featured heavily in this archive, as they are the foci. They are very romantic with each other, and try to hide from everyone else. It ain't easy. I appear under Teasing and The Disappearance.

Songs And Getting Older - Sam makes up a song for Ellmyruh and Sean, and we get into a conversation regarding the lowness of ages of the participants of RinkChat.

RinkLympics - The Olympics were around this time, so we decided to make a few events to spoof it. Trivia Note: This archive was originally only the dressage portion at the bottom, and called Olympic Dressage.


Moses: The Continuing Story - The sequel to Prince Of Egypt? No, just us being silly. Incidentally, I brought up Noah, as a jab at Noah's Ark(with Jon Voight), but it was clipped. Also, Zechariah 14:16-19 was the "end-time" prophecy that I was referring to, but the sentence that would make this clear was removed.

How the Grishny Stole RinkMas - Seuss + Rinkworks = fun, as seen here. I don't say much, but what I do add is mentioned at the top. Oh, and I got 1 more line besides.


Sleeping Victims - A discussion of pranks played while sleeping starts, but lasts only a short while. Then one is carried out. The perps are caught. Then Sam shaves Ticia. Weirdness.

Baby Food - A discussion on the stuff that babies eat.

The Flame War - A faked flame war erupts in Forest Glade. This, too can be a headache to read. Remember that nothingm or almost nothing, was meant.

Split Stephen - Immediately following The Flame War, this sequel to A Brief Change of Heart started while I was in Mountain Stream cooling off. Stephen again became nice, but fewer people were pleased. Dave's kick was lifted out of the transcript. Don't ask me; I thought it linked my "evilness" to ABCOH.

Sororital Spat - Ah, sisters. When they're nice, they're really nice, but when they fight, well...

Wreakers of Things - Okay, so I wasn't paying attention. I still got a couple of lines in.



Stupid Day 2001 - Yay! The 2nd annual Stupid Day celebration! The first year, it started on the 2th, even though the official date is the 21st. This time, it started on the 19th. I make a comment in the Valley Girls section, I set off with a string of stupidity(you can't miss it, unless it's Stupid Day again) after an HTML line, then I go away, returning after Travholt's story. My remarks are sparse through the rest of the archive.

Ice Storms and Woodland Creatures - Contrasts between countries RULE when it comes to the natural world, because each thinks the others' situation is cooler, usually.

I Am Coming From Iceland - Stephen convinces hlf926 that he(Stephen) is from Iceland. Or almost. I get in one line in the second section.


RinkAwards 2000 (ceremony only) - The long-awaited RinkAwards! This version is ceremony only, but I get some lines in(I won Best Pun!), so up it goes.


Sesquipedality - When Fun With Words goes up, big words are the order of the day. ESURIENT! ESURIENT! Hee hee...

That's all for now...