Furcadian Screenshots

Need I say that this is my gallery of Furcadian screenshots? All screenshots have been taken by me, and have only been altered in how much of the screen shows.

On with the show! :-)

Remember I HATE FURCADIA? If you don't, feel free to scroll down to the picture. Okay. This is a step beyond. Not content with merely using Furcadia to proclaim their hatred of it, they're apparently using Furcadia to form an army against it! I'll say it again: If you don't like Furcadia, delete the client from your computer! C'mon, people! This is not a hard concept! If for you it is... then I just don't know.

Worrying the gods since the beginning of time. ;-) (No, I don't believe in gods other than just the one.)

More bugginess.

Furres who know RinkWorks know why this is here. Furres who don't are welcome to scratch their headfur in confusion.

More clones action. (Top or Left) Rojj, Jorr, and DeVries share one set of coloration; Kuru, Cameo, and Ra'aya share another, and (Bottom or Right) A bunch of Glen clones sit around in Sanctuary.

A bug in Furcadia overlays Allegria Island with Kapue Darkwater's map. The dreampads and the other furres are still visible, though.

Lost Lake, Found Lake. Where do they come up with these things...

To quote Ria's quotes page: "hey people, hows everyone doing on this wounderful thursday night?" "very wounded." "By?" "By wounderful things." - buggyface and gremlinn

This is either a poor attempt to confuse furres into going into the wrong one or a poor attempt at humor, I don't know which.

You might be an idiot if... you hate Furcadia, but you do this instead of simply deleting the client from your computer.

Hey! Where'd the pad go? I've seen this happen to Sanctuary once...

Ya really gotta wonder... is their entrytext in cuneiform?

Corrupted DS makes for interesting situations in my favorite hangout, Sanctuary... here, I appear in the back wall of the tower.

Cybikmike(far left dragon) imitates Rose(middle left)'s appearance, as do AnaKaru(middle right) and Sunny Chiba(far right). :-)

There was a costume party in which furres dressed up like Circle members by using alts, and used similar names. I came in as Keruviel, which is a play off of Seraphiel, and used similar colors. Now, whatever triggers the furre cloning mechanism, it must have a sense of humor...