No, this isn't solely for malapropisms, though the name seems to suggest it. This is for any blundering with words. See goofs and gaffes pile up, perhaps slowly, here.

Odd Juxtapositions

January 15, 2002

"Sunday was not designed for us to do as we please. God has given us 6 days to do as we please, but the seventh day, the first day of the week..."(italics mine) - Pentecostal Evangel, March 7, 1993, p. 9, , I Love Sunday by Thomas E. Trask.

I will admit to some bias in this, as one who puts more stock in the myriad clear commands of Scripture which uphold the seventh day of the week as Sabbath than the words of men who try to twist the words of Scripture to make it say that it was changed to the first by Jesus. However, this juxtaposition of phrases is really obvious, or so one would think. If Sunday is the first day of the week, what is it the seventh day of? The month? The year?