Hello, fellow Rescue Ranger Fans!

So, why is this page here? Well, this page is here for one reason: there is at least one episode of CDRR which doesn't have a transcript on the RRDatabase Episode Guide! Now, a number of episodes have been supplied by Julie Bihn's Super Gigantic Episode Guide, but still, as of this writing, more episodes don't have transcripts than do! Isn't that sad?

However, it seems that transcripts can be submitted by email to Tanka using the address on her site. I've done two and am doing a third, but I know I can't make up the balance on my own. So I'm asking you fine folk to help!

The purpose of this page is to facilitate the episode selection process, so that there probably won't be two or more people working on a transcript for the same episode. After all, if there are two of you working, you might as well be working on different ones!

Here are a few guidelines:

  1. If you claim, send, or relinquish your claim on an episode, tell me so I can update the table. (In this context, "to claim" means "to announce your intention to create a transcript of a particular episode. "To relinquish a claim" means "to announce that you're giving up on creating/finishing a transcript".)
  2. If you have access to episodes that aren't on volumes one or two (preferably from a legitimate source), try to do those first and leave the rest to those of us who only have volume one and two episodes.
  3. Claim only one episode at a time. If you wish to claim another episode without finishing the one you started, relinquish that episode first. Ideally, however, relinquishing should only be done if you can't do any episodes.
  4. Although a template is provided by me (Save link however your computer does that), I don't care what you start with; what you should be sending Tanka is an HTML file. Some basic knowledge of HTML is a plus.
  5. Turn subtitles on, if possible. These are a great help for dialogue.
  6. Some appropriate humor in your descriptions and comments is good. There's no harm, however, in a transcript that just does what it's supposed to, and no more.
  7. A long time ago, I learned that the i, em, and cite tags, while they look like they have the same effect on your monitor, they actually do different things, such as when a screen reader runs into them. It's something to consider.
  8. Try to spell well and have good grammar. Mistakes are forgivable, but transcripts shouldn't be riddled with errors.
  9. The filename of the transcript should be the # followed by _transcript.html.
#Episode TitleVolumeDiscStatus
1To the Rescue 121Unclaimed
2To the Rescue 221Unclaimed
3To the Rescue 321Claimed by Stainless Steel Rat
4To the Rescue 421Unclaimed
5To the Rescue 521Unclaimed
6Piratsy Under the Seas11Unclaimed
8Dale Beside Himself12Unclaimed
11Kiwi's Big Adventure12Unclaimed
13Pound of the Baskervilles11Unclaimed
14Risky Beesness11Unclaimed
16The Carpetsnaggers11Unclaimed
17Bearing Up Baby12Unclaimed
18Parental Discretion Retired11Unclaimed
19A Lad in a Lamp12Unclaimed
22Ghost of a Chance12Unclaimed
23An Elephant Never Suspects12Unclaimed
25Last Train to Cashville13Unclaimed
26A Case of Stage Blight12Unclaimed
28Throw Mummy from the Train13Unclaimed
29A Wolf in Cheap Clothing13Unclaimed
32Prehysterical Pet13Unclaimed
34Normie's Science Project21Unclaimed
35Seer No Evil21Unclaimed
36Chipwrecked Shipmunks22Unclaimed
37When Mice Were Men22Unclaimed
39The Last Leprechaun22Unclaimed
40Weather or Not22Unclaimed
41One Upsman-Chip22Unclaimed
42Shell Shocked22Unclaimed
43Love is a Many Splintered Thing22Unclaimed
47It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale23Unclaimed
48Short Order Crooks23Claimed by Nyperold
53Pie in the Sky3??Unclaimed
54Le Purrfect Crime3??Unclaimed
55When You Fish Upon a Star3??Unclaimed
57A Lean on the Property3??Unclaimed
58The Pied Piper Power Play3??Unclaimed
59Gorilla My Dreams3??Unclaimed
61Zipper Come Home3??Unclaimed
62Puffed Rangers3??Unclaimed
64A Chorus Crime3??Unclaimed
65They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?3??Unclaimed