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Welcome to the Menwith Hill Memories site. This site is dedicated to preserving and displaying the memories of those who served at Menwith Hill between 1959-1966. In the opinion of many, those were the glory years of the station .
We welcome your stories in text, pictures, memorabilia that can be scanned into .jpg format. Also we welcome your comments on the site concerning positive improvement.
There will be no Menwith Hill commercial items or paraphernalia for sale or anything of that nature. We will simply have a sharing of events that many of our numbers may have forgotten long years ago, but the reading of which will, hopefully, bring back happy memories of a time gone by.
Welcomed also are your stories of Menwith Hill revisited and your perception of changes from what it was then to what is today. There are numerous sites on the web depicting what RAF Menwith Hill is today in pictures, philosophy and political rhetoric. For those who are interested in that we have links of interest from our page to take you to some of those sites.

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