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California State Parks Volunteer Cooperative Association

The Mojave River Natural History Association is a non-profit organization established to Silverwood Lake State Recreational Area.

 M.R.N.H.A. Is the result of a desire to expand the educational and interpretive functions within Silverwood Lake State Recreational Area. It is also a way for park visitors and members of the surrounding communities to become more actively involved in the activities and services at Silverwood Lake.  Incorporated as a non-profit, public benefit organization, MRNHA is operated for educational purposes.

      Various activities of MRNHA include recruitment, docent training and volunteer staffing of the Visitor’s Center. The volunteers also assist in the development of displays and may help with special events such as, Bald Eagle Counts, Barge Tours, Trail work, Nature Walks, Campfire Programs, Scout programs, Camp outings for kids that may never get a chance to visit a State Park….

     The association also provides a budget to assist the State Park staff in purchasing interpretive equipment and supplies.

     Presently we are seeking to recruit new members to the Mojave River Natural History Association and invite you and your family to support us.  Memberships are available which entitle you to attend our meetings and receive information on our plans and activities. For more information please  us or click on our membership link.



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