So, you're a Goth that lives in the countryside. Why does this not surprise me? Excuse me, but my family owns several funeral homes, crematoriums, gothic clubs, gothic art galleries, cemetaries, etc... across the nation. I grew up in a cemetary surplus factory so I know quite a bit about the Goth scene. From what I have come to understand about the Gothic scene is that they are incredibly understood - ESPECIALLY by their fellow "goths". And not to denounce your "title" but saying Marilyn Manson is your favourite artist makes you sound like a poser.

What I've come to notice is most of them are very shy, reserved, people who take a solace in things natural, like nature, the countryside. Many other them own lots of pets. They enjoy Gothic appearances, because they find a beauty in them. Like an old Catholic Church with intriquette stained glass and domb cielings. That is true Gothic. The find a beauty in thing dark. They see the drama that is added when a film is in black and white, etc...

Then there are the "goth babies" who listen to Marilyn Manson, carve pentagrams into their arms, and think that they are very very deep because they are young and wise and understood. I've come to notice that most (if not all) goth babies come from very happy - or more like to say generally healthy - families. They have money to throw around and they feel unfullfilled. They feel as if they are leeches and see the rest of the world as that. So, they dress in ubsurd clothesing, wear freakish make up, and take themselves very seriously. That way they can point the finger at the rest of the world and call them conformists when they "Can't see past your exterior." So, they shroud themselves in pessimism in hopes that that will make them appear deep.

Not saying you're a goth baby. Though, I'm driven to believe you are. Goth babies are usually just sheep, straying from the herd of the "norm", and have gotten lost somewhere between conformity and nonconformity. It's usually a phase.

"I went to God just to see, and I was looking at me
"saw heaven and hell were lies
"when Im God, everyone dies."

Tis is a very green take to religion, if you ask me. I've had the same things told to me by my kid brother and sister not to mention countless acquaintences. They all say "I was praying to God and all of a sudden I realized I was praying to myself." Because they realized all they were doing was talking outloud and into the darkness. But, God is more than that. And in a way He is you and I. In a way He is everything.

God created us in His own image, as states in the Bible. Forget all your preconceptions about God, for a moment. Forget the old man with the long white beard and the staff in the clouds, for a moment and try not to think of Him as any kind of person or animal. He created us of light, which is the basic essence of everything. I and the computer I am writing on are made up of the same exact thing: Light. Which is Gods image, projected onto a giant "time" screen, like a hypothetical projector screen.

If you look in the mirror you may see Gods image. That is not the same thing as seeing God, though. It's the difference between a statue and the model.

But, it is true, that we may play God. We have been given the gift of life and we are all capable of taking it away just as easily as we are capable of creating it. So, in a way, we are "godly". Which is what made Luthifer so jealous (if you ask me).

But, whatever gives you power is good. Humans need more power within themselves. They don't trust in themselves enough and fear the things like God and Luthifer and ghosts and other things extraterrestrial. Hell, a lot of people are scared of people who just LOOK different than them. Myself not being excluded.

I used to smoke a pack of Marlboro Reds a day. Anything Light is for pussies. But, I quit when I moved to Florida. Strictly pot from now on.

Bored yet?