Jelly Beans

What the fuck is up with jellybeans?


Look at the flavors. Just look. Every single fucking flavor is modeled after reality. Flavors like Cream soda, or licorice, or cherry, or cinnamon. Same with ice cream too. Every single flavor is modeled after something that already exists in this world. For all the ability we have to synthesize new tastes, we somehow feel this urge to cling to the base set of flavors that already exist in reality.

Before you dismiss this as some dumbass ramble, think for a second and think about what this represents, namely, a lack of creative desire. Despite all the supposed creativity inherrent in the human race, we can't come up with a flavor or sensation that doesn't already exist in the world. The scariest part is, I don't think it would be any different if the truly deranged, creative, wonderful minds in this world were in charge of jelly bean design. What kind of jellybean would Andy Warhol design? The sad truth is, that although it might look fairly rad, it would probably be something that tasted like mango. Although while conciously creating amazingly radical visual and conceptual works of art, we still have a rather mundane pallet.

Is it because we simply don't pay attention to it? Is it too mundane to warrant our attention? In which case, does that mean that the only time we are capable of creating something truly unique is when we try so hard? Because if thats the case, it seems that all art would be less about expressing sentiment or fucking around, and much more about posturing. And before all you fuckers who seem to enjoy ripping into minimalism and surrealism start salivating, stop and try to fucking understand that which you so easily demean. The question here is less about candy and more about the inner psyche of the entire human race.

So what of it? Are we all mindless posturing automatons, or is there something there behind the cold iron mask of monotony?

- Jaded