Welcome to the Lost and Jaded website. Please excuse the temporary emptiness and ridiculously long URL. This website, so far, is under intense construction and will soon be fostering various articles. Some of which you'll like to read and others, you won't. In any case, this website is not a website to promote discrimination of any sort. This website, in turn is to give the phrase "politically correct" the finger (shall we say). It's to say 'good-bye' to all the things people make us say and do because if we actually said the truth, we'd probably be shot.

Here, men can say freely that they do not like fat chicks. Here, women can say freely that they do not like giving head. Here, people of all races can say exactly what they think of other races and not be afraid of being called a racist. Because there's always a reason to hate and be hated. Political correctness is a way of masking that true human nature of stereotypes and dislikes upon looks, smell, and class.

This is not a website based on hate. This is a website based on honesty.