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The Board

The Board comprise 96 squares, 8 ranks and 12 files, colored alternately light and dark. The player, designated white and black, sit on opposite sides. The board is placed so that there is a dark square in the left hand corner of each player. each player has 24 pieces, which are placed on the board at the begining of the game as showing in the figure above. The Pieces are distinguished by their shapes into 8 kinds:White; King g1, Queen f1,Chancellor c1 and j1, Rook a1 and l1, Bishop e1 and h1, Knight d1 and i1, Jester b1 and k1 and a pawn on each square of the second rank.Black; King g8, Queen f8, Chancellor c8 and j8, Rook a8 and l8, Bishop e8 and h8, Knight d8 and i8, Jester b8 and k8 and a pawn on each square of the seventh rank.

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