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Acceleration & Deceleration

By Jay C Miller

I've always hated jerky exact computer movement, keyframe animation is a fantastic way to animate but can leave the movement all too unnatural. Proper keyframing will improve this, but with track-view animation editing you can achieve this with out too much hassle.
Create a simple animation. In this example, a sphere animated from left to right over 100 frames is enough to see the effect. Go into the track-view and highlight the transform-position of the sphere. It will be necessary to toggle the assign controller (Top tollbar) button and select XYZ Position. Then, after selecting the X Position, (In my case I animated along the x axis only so the other two don't matter) you will see a Linear Curve, this strait exact line is creating the exacting jerky movement. By right clicking on any of the keyframes you will open the property inspector, hold down the ease in or out buttons and select the very last selection. This is a beizer corner, so grab the toggle handle and make it flat. You now have created a logarithmic curve and this causes the "tweening" frames to act in a more natural way.