By:  Jack  Serig, Sr.

    I sensed I was flying over a missle launch site as I looked straight down and saw a panorama that alerted me that I was over the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.  I was likely at an altitude of 10,000 or more feet based on my own personal military flying experience.

    I recall that my view of the launch site was especially intriguing because I thought I shouldn’t be in this probably restricted airspace.   Looking  down over the left side of  whatever it was I was flying I tensed, with much alarm, as I saw a missle being launched that I thought would intercept my flight path.  While the missle was still several thousand feet below me I could see a rider on the fast-approaching vehicle.  The missle travelled at such an alarming speed toward me that it took  miliseconds to reach my altitude.  As the missle passed by me with a horrendous roar I could clearly see the grim reaper riding sidesaddle, the eternal black cape and skeletal face framed by a black hood.

    The missle and noise was so threatening that I screamed loudly as I sat up in bed in a bolt.  My scream awakened my wife.  “What’s wrong,?”, she asked.  “I’m sorry!”, I replied. “Just a nightmare!
I had not been paying any particular attention to the goings-on at the Kennedy Space Center.  But SEVEN days later, on January 28, 1986, SEVEN astronauts died shortly after Challanger Flight 51L lifted off its launch pad.

    It was the only nightmare I ever experienced.  None before---none since!