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A Condensed History of   

With Love   from  Kay Lee

AKA Fondly as J4J


Official Ohio and Wisconsin Journey Webmaster: James Dawson
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Creator Journey 1 Ohio & Journey 2 Wisconsin - Trainer Journey 3 - Webmistress Journey 4: - Promoter Journey 5 & 6 - Trainer Journey 7 Kay Lee

On the Eve of the first Journey for Justice for Medical Marijuana patients, Dan Asbury, Kay Lee and crew prepare for the 5 day roadside trek to the state capital. Dan is a quadriplegic who uses Cannabis for pain. Other patients on the Journey have Multiple Sclerosis; HIV; Bipolar Disorder; Rheumatoid Arthritis... Also along is Elvy Musikka, who has Glaucoma, and is one of eight legal patients supplied marijuana by the Federal government. They will take their message of compassion and equal rights to the Statehouse in Columbus. "

On The Road Again


Lookin' for a Better Way
by Kay Lee

I didn't go to college until I was 50, and was the most receptive to education I'd ever been.  It was there that I first realized things were NOT really right with our country.  I found out about millions of people struggling against bad laws*, prohibition's historical and documented failures, the economics of the drug war, the inhumane conditions in our jails and prisons, the dwindling constitution, and America's lost sense of freedom and justice for all.

I was crushed.  

How many times over the last 10 years has another truth brought tears of disappointment and anguish?  Soon, I found out that to know the truth hurts worse if you do nothing about it.  So, I looked to the spirit within myself, thought of my grandchildren's future, and asked myself with passion,  "What can I, one small, shy grandmother, do?"

...And my journey began.  

The Journey for Justice has been an empowering, enlightening, spiritually evolving trek through rural America.  No, I don't mean the Christianity of a church, but rather of the spirit of concern, compassion, and common sense that will lead us to a better way.

The first Journey for Justice in Ohio created by Kay Lee for lead patient Dan Asbury, focused like a microscope on legal medical access to marijuana for patients. 

The second journey, Wisconsin style, created by Kay Lee with lead patient Jacki Rickart, included the POWDs, who are really political prisoners:  They've committed no violent act:  They were imprisoned because they stepped outside the current "politically correct" norm, snubbed the status quo (called "
Freedom of Choice" in bygone years), and refused to succumb to prohibition policies.  In other words, they were imprisoned, not because we feared them, but because we disapproved of their choices.

By the third journey through Florida, which was put together by Kay Lee, Jodi James and Kevin Aplin of Florida C.A.N. with lead patient Cathy Jordan, we had begun to find out about the conditions all inmates are living in, and realized that, for the safety of society, prisons should be a healing place.  The Florida journey stopped at jails and prisons and churches and courthouses across the state.  Our mission was to educate and enlighten the public about the conditions patients will live in when the long arm of the law sweeps them into the crowded courtrooms and Florida's bulging prisons.

The 4th leg, the Journey for Jubilee Justice traveling through Texas, led by Jodi James Kevin Aplin with lead patients Cathy Jordan and now deceased patient Eddie Smith, evolved into a journey for peace, a national and international plea for a better way. 

The 5th 2002-2004 Journey for Justice Across The USA was conducted by the November Coalition; the 6th Journey was the March on Washington DC organized by Roberta Franklin, Director of Families and Friends of People Incarcerated; and the 7th Journey, a 3 month long cross country bicycle ride, organized by Mark Pedersen and lead patient Ken Locke,

We continue to call for an end to the 40-plus year old drug war, the quick release of non-violent political prisoners, and a cleansing of our prisons.  We want leaders with wisdom, mercy, vision and truth.  We want candidates to discuss human rights, and harm reduction, and lifting the spirit of man, for we understand that it will be the healing of the people that will lead to the healing of the nation.

*It's not hard to spot a bad law:  Anytime the law is in violent conflict with compassion and common sense, it is a BAD LAW and must be changed before it destroys our constitution, our country and our people.

"Dan's Dream"
From Oregon to Columbus,
From Selma to Montgomery:

It's all the same. 
It's all in the name of
Human Rights!

Dan Asbury, Cannabis Patient, Activist and Protest Inspiration.

Dan relaxes after the finish of His trek through Ohio
with the help of his friend and caregiver, Kay Lee!

Our Vision For America:
Gentle in Nature; Bold in Visions; Passionate in Spirit;
and Enlightened in Judgment.

Through the efforts of Dr. Wright, Jacki Rickert was approved for the Compassionate IND program in December of 1990.  Her prescription was not honored and the IND program was abruptly shut down in 1992 after thousands of HIV/AIDS patients and their doctors applied for the program.

Jackie's Account of J4J2


The objectives for the Journey for Justice: encourage a show of solidarity to the state and federal governments; encourage patients all across the nation to take up the fight for their medical freedom; put a face on the pain that the current drug war causes; end mass incarceration; make prisons places of healing; and encourage public debate and education regarding government policy on these urgent issues.

Journey For Justice 3 - Florida Style

Florida Journey in Cannabis Culture Magazine

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Florida Journey Videos

Justice has been lost in the offices of elected officials; 
in the police stations, courtrooms and prisons of our nation.
The Journey seeks to be a part of the restoration.

Journey for Justice 4 - Texas Style

Jubilee Justice
See Updates of Completed Journey

Read the Journey for Justice Screenplay
Dean Farrell

May we be peaceful in a country where justice is
reflected in the lives of all its people.

Journey for Justice 5, 6, and 7

Journey for Justice 5
March On 100 Cities

Journey for Justice 6
March On Washington, DC

Journey for Justice 7
Ken Locke's Cross Country Bike Ride


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