My Motherís Love

My motherís love, deeper than the bluest sea,

Beautiful and free,

Soft and warm to me.

Everlasting love, wonít trade it for anything,

Precious gracious thing,

No connected strings.

Her memories, just like the storybooks,

Love finds every nook,

Clear as snow fed brooks.

An unspoken love, canít find the words to say,

Miss her every day,

Since Iíve been away.

Mom you are a special kind,

Youíre always on my mind,

Donít need much to make you smile,

But itís been a while,

A motherís love doesnít ever change,

Firm as a mountain range,

Never looking strange.

Unquestioned love, donít need keys to open up,

Always a full cup,

In my motherís love.

Copyright Stan Loh, April 14, 2004. Written for his Mom on her 93rd birthday.