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This page was updated March 15 2016 / 3:32 p.m.

The Bomber has been sentenced to death almost a year ago

This page presents evidence of more people
being involved in the bombing
if you are observant and noticed what is pointed out
on this page
you may come to the conclusion there are more people involved then
The FBI is making public
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Again, I want to extend my condolences to the families of the victims
I pray an ongoing novena to St Jude everyday that violence will stop

I also would like to congratulate ALL the Law Enforcement Agencies
which took part in the complicated resolution to the immediate threat
The investigation should NOT be over
this page presents some info which needs to be considered by Law Enforcement
about co conspirators who are still free


There are billions of pages on the web
why did you find this particular one ?

Please sign The "Petition to Adapt Existing Technology" found HERE or again near the bottom of this page
which, IF it had been in place,
this tragedy WOULD have been solved within hours - NOT DAYS
and saved the hundreds of millions of dollars
Lost and spent during the days which followed
and would have saved the life of Patrolman Sean Collier


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This page offers some evidence which points to the fact the back packs which
are seen in the FBI video do not match those seen in later pictures
we believe the bombs were Not complete in Suspects #1 and #2 back packs
when they were seen in the FBI video
based on the sizes and appearance of those back packs
IF that is the case, there had to be others involved and carrying the other parts
We present some facts and pictures to bolster our contention


You are the

Visitor to this page since it was put on the web April 16th 2013

There is a link to "The One Fund" at the end of this page


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We will refer to the bombers by suspect # 1 ( Tamerlan ) and suspect #2 ( Dzhokhar ) on this page except
for the one time spelling of them

The remaining bomber Dzhokhar ( Pronounced Joe Car or Joker ) Tsarnaev ( pronounced Czar Nay Ev )
is recovering from his wounds in a Former Military Base Infirmary

We are depending on the same online community and social media who helped
solve this crime --- We ask that you step up and get involved in helping make everyone aware
of this page and the possibilities there were more accomplices
who directly helped the bombers
On this page you will see pictures of the 2 back packs being carried by the known bombers
which appear to change from the time the FBI video was taken to later pictures and images of 4 others who were at the scene of the bombings
and may have carried the other parts to complete the bombs
those others have not come forward and identified themselves

Consider this :
If you were included and seen in an official FBI terrorist bombing video seen by almost everyone what would you do?
I am sure you would contact ALL the News Networks and Media and be demanding
they tell the public you were not involved in the bombing
and many would be filing law suits against the FBI for including their images in the video
Have any of the others seen following the bombers in the FBI video done that ?
NOT TO our knowledge - WHY ?

We are referring to the Balloon Lady -
the man with BOTH a duffel bag AND a back pack
a woman in Pink carrying/hugging a bag
and a male OR female, who IS slightly built in a yellow jacket with a back pack

If you are one of those others seen in the FBI video and mentioned on this page

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and we will help clear up the situation

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This page presents some very astounding info on
The Boston Marathon Bombing
Were there more accomplices involved ? Please read and peruse the pictures provided and decide
Then we implore you to send notices of this page and info to ALL the Network News Channels and other media
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Developments, Updates and Breaking News


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ask them why they have not reported on the aspects of the bombing presented on this page


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You can Donate to the Boston "The One Fund" at the bottom of this Page
They have already raised WELL OVER 30 million
and are trying to work out how to disburse the money to the victims


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Most of you came from my tweets - Please RT my info
I am Find the Missing ( @2findthemissing )
OR you may have come here from my Face Book Posts - The situation presented here is for your consideration.
It is not a conspiracy theory
I just present more possibilities that may have been overlooked

The resolution of the photos seen on this page is not the best
BUT Most are clear and show some astounding images

You will be introduced to others who May have been part of the Bomb Plot


Those other people are:
The "Yellow Balloon Lady" WHO LEADS suspects 1 & 2 around the corner then abruptly steps aside
then a man with a duffel bag AND a A Back Pack
who has a female companion in a pink sweater /top walking behind him
-- she appears to be hugging a shopping bag with yellow flowers in it
close to her chest like baby
My observation on the man is:
do you see anyone else carrying BOTH a BACKPACK AND A DUFFEL bag in any other pictures
then another person in a yellow jacket with a back pack who acts suspiciously -- both using cell phones.
the last person might b e a male or female

Were they accomplices ?
the pictures seen below show suspects #1 and #2 had different back packs
between the time they are seen in FBI video and later photos -

The intersection shown in the FBI video where the 2 known terrorists are following behind the Balloon Lady
and turned left ( east ) onto Boyletown Street from Glouchester Ave.
is two blocks west of the 2nd bomb site and 4 blocks west of the 1st bomb site

You will see the others in the pictures I have posted below

What were the others doing there ?

It would be very helpful if more video were available
so we could see where the suspects were 10 minutes before
and 10 minutes after the video they showed the public

- Hopefully it will be forthcoming

It was reported on all the news shows -- the packages seen in other videos and pictures
which were thought to be the bombs
did not appear to be in the same back packs the two bombers were wearing in the FBI video
but may have been in different back packs or wrapped in other material
Were those other back packs or other packaging
for the bombs in the duffel bag or back pack on the man in front of the woman with in pink
or in the bag the lady in pink was carrying or in the back packs worn by the person in the Yellow jacket ?

if so - when and at what location did the bombers put the bombs in the new packaging ?
In one pic shown on the news it looks like the suspect #1 has a back pack on
with white trim along the edges
But in the video that white trim is not seen
and suspect #2 has a light grey back pack on in the video
but the one seen at his feet in a later picture - it appears to be more white with a different stripe across it

see PICS Below


One Statement by a leading elected official "We will do everything in our power to protect our fellow citizens"
BUT he should have said, "everything the Senate, Congress and the gun lobby will allow us to do"

In following days it is hoped by us the media will report on where the terrorists got the arsenal of weapons
they used in the gun battles they were engaged in
and how they collected the parts to the bombs
And why they did this - That is what the public is waiting for


And Now The Info
we have to offer on the others who may be involved in the Bombing


Is it possible there were more than the two known terrorists involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing ?

If you think this deserves more exposure
Please share this page ( )
and send it to the FBI ( ), your favorite media outlets and your friends on Face Book


This info is just our impression of the events and actions of others during the Boston Marathon Bombing
It will be up to each reader to consider what is presented here


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PLEASE read and sign the petition found after the pictures below
to adapt existing technology to help solve similar crimes even quicker
than the Boston Marathon Bombing was apparently solved


Is it Possible at least 6 terrorists were involved ?

Many have said that the back packs the suspects have with them
do not look like they are big enough to hold the Pressure Cookers
What if suspects #1 and #2 did not have the complete bombs in their back packs
for safety reasons

What if the terrorists / bombers met others on their deadly route
who had the rest of the bomb makings
and went into a restroom/area to assemble the bombs

If you have watched the following edited FBI video - PLEASE view it again
BUT use the Full screen option
and look for white trim on Suspects #1 back pack -- IT IS NOT THERE yet in pictures taken just a few minutes later seen below - There IS white trim seen on the back pack
now, look at how the back packs hang
I went out and bought a pressure cooker ( they are all very similar in size )
and after putting it in a Large Back Pack
it still appears very bulky
and nothing like the way both suspects back packs are hanging

The FBI Video

In the above FBI video you see a woman ( THE Balloon Lady ) with yellow balloons - it appears she has just lowered them
as she leads the 2 suspects around the corner of
Glouchester and east onto Boylestown Streets toward the finish line
the second suspect seems to have just finished a phone call ( note that fact )
then the Balloon Lady STEPS OFF TO THE SIDE TO LET the bombers PASS.

a comment by the webmaster: I have seen red white and blue balloons bunched together in other pics and vids
It was Patriots Day - But no other groups of yellow balloons ANY WHERE

Did you notice the NEXT three people behind suspects #1 and #2 in the video ????
The three people in question are Right behind the two suspects
-- you see the 3 more people fall in the line - one is a man with BOTH a duffel bag and Back pack
who has woman close behind him in a pink sweater and she appears to be hugging a shopping bag in her arms
-- who carries a paper shopping bag to an event and carries it like a baby ?
the man has JUST finished using his cell phone
it appears they came from across the street
( I saw NO others in ANY OTHER pics or ANY videos of the WHOLE scene
with BOTH a back pack AND a duffel bag or yellow balloons -- DID YOU ???) ---
the woman in pink seems to have to take a few quick steps to keep up with the man

Right behind the man with duffel bag and back pack and woman in pink comes another person ( male or female ) in a light yellow jacket and back pack
who also appeared to have just finished using a cell phone,
at 29 seconds into the video -- if you use the full screen option - you will see in the upper right hand corner of the video
the person in the yellow jacket
as suspect # 2 in the white hat comes around the corner
she is facing away from the direction the balloon lady, the 2 suspects and two others are walking
she appears from behind the pole / and then she abruptly turns to follow the 2 bombing suspects,
but the yellow jacketed person waits a second or two
to allow the Duffel man and lady in pink to get ahead of her -
again: the man with duffel bag AND back pack and person in yellow jacket are seen
with cell phones in their hands
HAD THEY JUST CALLED suspect # two ( #2 appeared to have just got off his cell phone )
to tell him they have seen the Balloon Lady and they are in line behind them ?
were the last three carrying other parts of the bomb
AND different back packs or wrapping for the bombs ????

Pause the video and look closely in the duffel bag - it appears there is some white material With dark stripes on it
- is that what was used to wrap/hold the bombs ?
In the Video Suspect # 2 seems to have a light grey Back Pack with a dark diagonla stripe But
in the pictures seen below - of Suspect 2 at the site the second explosion it look like the back pack sitting on the ground is white
and has a wide black stripe on it NOT A Diagonal Stripe

And the white trim seen on Suspects 1 back pack seems NOT to be there in the Video
and the shoulder straps appear to be different too.


And Note the pace the 6 are walking at - it is the same speed BUT others in the area are walking much slower.

What does the next few minute of video show ??
I would like to see what the Balloon Lady did before she comes around the corner leading #1 and # 2
and where she went after the 5 others passed her at the intersection of Glouchester and Boylestown Streets

Once More:
Were the balloons first used to help the 3 others with the rest of the parts of the bomb, locate the bombers
in the crowd so they could go meet up with them and then go into a restroom or other area to complete the bombs

Were the 3rd, fourth and fifth persons in the video told:
"look for three yellow balloons and the people you need to meet up with
will be right behind the woman walking with yellow balloons
and call suspect #2 and let him know when you are in line behind them."

Now to the other use of the Balloons

In this next video -- you will see yellow balloons going up
If you look right behind the timing sign just a few seconds into this next video
( use the slide bar to replay the first few seconds )


Were the Balloons on a longer tether so as to be able to raised to 15 feet or so
and used to signal the others that the first bomber had not been stopped and the bombing was still "ON" ?

The Balloons were let go after the explosion and are seen rising away and into the air
Note the unusually long ribbons or tether tied to them
AS SEEN IN other pics supplied BELOW

I say over again:
I suggest the balloons were used for a two fold purpose
After helping the other three in the video find the bombers in the crowd -
Were they then used to signal the others that the bombing was still on
did the balloon lady follow suspect #1
to see if he was approached or stopped by security
using the balloons to somehow signal the others and
and let them know #1 had not been stopped
holding the tether and allowing them to float higher IF #1 had been stopped -
the balloons are seen near the finish line going up into the sky right after the 1st explosion in the pics below

I see banners BUT I have seen NO OTHER balloons carried by ANYONE in any footage. ANYWHERE
Again: -- The spot where the suspects are shown
walking around a corner behind the woman with balloons was reported by the FBI
to be at Glouchester and Boylestown streets
which is at about 2 blocks from the second explosion and 4 blocks from the first explosion

What are the odds that the woman with the balloons walked down to within 20 YARDS
of where the first explosion went off with the balloons


Why is the Suspects wife allowed to NOT talk directly with the FBI
Her two attorneys ? are passing the info
The 2 attorneys jumped in very quickly when she was exposed



Here are updates with the Most recent listed first

Tune / Log into your favorite Media to get the details
But remember the media has been wrong about many of the facts -
But what else is new about that

Back Packs do not seem to match in FBI Video and other Photos
Suspect #1 and wife met with New Hampshire man just before bombings
Suspect #2 left message inside boat with details of bombings Suspect # 1 died from gunshots from the police and
and blunt trauma to the head and body from
being run over by his brother while he was fleeing the scene of the gunfight
abandoning his brother to the police
Suspect #1 's wife says she knows nothing about the bomb being made in her apartment - Our response is DUH !!!!
Her excuse is: "I was was working so many hours
i did not pay attention to anything but working and sleeping"
The Bombs Were partially Assembled in Suspect #1 's apartment
Suspect #1 Body released to family and transported to Funeral Home near Rhode Island
Wife still not speaking directly with FBI
Click HERE - Fox News reports 3 students arrested as accomplices in the Bombings
Fingerprints and Female DNA found on Bomb Parts
NO FIREARM FOUND IN BOAT where the suspect was captured
that eliminates reports he tried to commit suicide
Cab driver says he had suspects in hid cab
Suspevct # 1 may have sold drugs to finance the plot
Bombers Mother Denies Her Sons Involvement
Bombers, Parents and family lived off of welfare since they came to the U.S. in 2002
Bombers wife talking with FBI through her 2 attorneys
Tsarnaev mother faces jail time in US -- READ more HERE
The FBI says the older of the suspect Brother is said to have used a different
name when he traveled to Russia for 6 months in 2012

The finger pointing has already started between the FBI and the Russians
Who is responsible for protecting us -- the FBI or the Russians ????

We have been told the bombers bought Fire works in Feb from a store in New Hampshire
It is the law that anyone who buys fireworks register --
These two miscreant, were smart enough to fool the FBI, one gave a phony name and addresses when traveling
But gave their correct name and address when they bought over $200.00 worth of fireworks
and they asked for the "Biggest and Most powerful items the store had in stock
The Pressure cooker were bought at Macy's in the Boston Area

Surviving Suspect says Brother Was Master Mind


Here are a few more observations heard by TV news pundits - they deserve consideration:

how long should we allow an immigrant to stay in the U.S. before they become citizens
Should we have some type of limit on when immigrants can start to receive social service aid such as food stamps
Should American Taxpayers pay for grants for immigrants to get an education
or should the schools that accept the immigrants cover that cost with school funded student loans
Should immigrants be allowed to own firearms ( will they serve in the "well regulated militia" the 2nd amendment references )


Cliick HERE to Go back to Top of Page


Is the scenario presented here - what really happened. ?
Were the others shown in the pictures helpers in this plot

It appears the police were covering up that Suspect 2 had no gun in the boat
And the FBI AND CIA missed opportunities
The FBI may have claimed credit for the Video But Lyon Taylor took some of it
Have you heard where the actuall video of the suspects walking behind the balloon lady came from
That is not from Lyon Taylor becasue the angle is wrong


If you have connections please get this to the FBI or any other other media tweet this URL PLEASE


The FBI video is presented in the above info

Now the pictures - some are duplicates with added info in each

Use 'ctrl' and "+" or "-" simultaneously on your keyboard
to adjust image sizes on your monitor


The time stamps if any are my Own from editing


"Petition to Adapt Existing Technology"

It has been pointed out to me that IF we had had the existing unmanned drone or the satellite surveillance technology
which our military has developed over the last 4 decades
in place over the Marathon, the bombers may have been caught within minutes of them being identified
and this could have saved the M.I.T. policeman, Sean Collier 's life
Should we adapt that technology to protect us more fully ?
You will need to weigh the benefits and decide
Had the proposed system in the petition link found below been in place
it would have also spared much of the pain and the days of anxiety the public endured
and saved the hundreds of millions of dollars spent and lost during this horrendous event

Please read the following link about that technology and
Sign the Petition to get it adapted

by Clicking HERE



Contact the webmaster of this page



Donate to the One Fund Org.
They have already raised over 5 millions dollars for the Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing and their families


Click Here
Amos Mortier is Missing
From Fitchburg (Madison) WI.

Amos Mortier
We need to Find this young man

Anyone with information regarding Amos Mortier
is urged to call his Family
at (608) 347-7363
Amos was last seen November 8, 2004
at his school Madison Area Technical College.
In Madison Wisconsin

His last cell phone record was at 1:20 p.m.
His dog Gnosis was located three doors down from his home


To get a page
for your
Missing Persons case case

See my pages for the missing


 6 people involved in the Boston Marathon Bombings ? You decide - 
Who is the Balloon Lady and the three others seen in the video following the bombing suspects -
were they carrying the other parts to the bomb - what does the FBI video show previous and after the action the FBI
has shown us could we have stopped the terrorists in Boston acts of Terror Boston Bombers not likely
but the Policeman shot dead is likely would have not died
we could have saved the millions of dollars lost and spent on the horrendous event by using existing unmanned drone and satellite surveillance technology
sign the petition to adapt the existing technology
Yellow balloons Boston Marathon Bombing Anderson Cooper Don Lemon CNN

who is the woman female male in yellow jacket following bombing suspects

Donate to the One Fund Org. FBI and other pictures documenting the Boston MARATHON Bombing

3 students arrested as accomplices fox news