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We will be hosting a seminar for Michigan Animal Control Officials soon. Contact us through our email for more info

Welcome to the online home of the S/E Michigan Reptile Rescue. SMRR was founded to help find placement for unwanted large aggressive and venomous reptiles. We have since opened our doors to venomous snakes as well. Each year hundreds are sold in Michigan alone. There are no statistics as to what happens to those animals. We do know that more and more are being put to sleep or given to the Animal Control, such as the Humane Society. This site was built to help introduce us to the public and for educational purposes.

This site is still under construction and there are many new things to come


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Now for the disclaimer "I personally do not advocate anyone purchasing or keeping crocodilians or venomous snakes. Crocodilians & venomous snakes are, as most reptiles, "wild animals." They have the ability, even when small, to inflict fatal injuries.