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Meet The Dogs

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Three Generations!   Belle, DeeDee & Mara

ROM = Register of Merit.   This suffix is a recognition awarded by the CWCCA for outstanding producers.
They achieve this according to the AKC Titles and accomplishments of their offspring.


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THE BOYS:  CH Dreamer ROMs        CH Flash

CH Bernie (at the Bridge)       CH Chewy  (retired)       CH Luke (retired)

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THE GIRLS:    CH Rosy ROMs   (at the Bridge)        CH DeeDee ROMs  (retired)

Mara      Bubbles      CH Peeker ROMb  (retired)

       CH Carrie (retired)        CH Shimmer (retired)       Belle ROMb  (retired)         CH Jingle (retired)

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Cornerstone Cardigans

Rita Hellegers, Kissimmee, Florida   (407) 348-3671      

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