Paris & Flash Babies have Arrived.

We have a litter here finally!!!

Paris had 7 new babies on April 26/07

2 Blue Girls, 1 Blue Boy, 2 Tri Girls & 2 Tri boys!!!

PARIS" Cassbar's Blinding Bling


"FLASH" Ch. Borealis Summerlove Flash CD, NAFA 50K, TN-N, NJC, NGC, NAC, ADC, SSGDC, SJATD (Saskatchewan.)

We are very pleased with the consistency of size, Soundness and Versatility potential of this litter

7 weeks old


New Owner Michelle Ascroft

New Owner Carol Papermaster in Minnesota U.S.

New Owner's The Zeke Family in Brandon MB


Co-owned By ourselves & Donna Lewis of Donayne Shelties in Regina SK

New owners Sheila Boyle & Family

New owners Karl & Betty Johnson, MN

Now resides at Cassbar, Flirt can be seen on our hopefuls page


          Am Ch Macdega Deniro ROM
        Am/Can Ch Country Lane The Energizer ROM ROMC
          Macdega Monterey
      BIS Am Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM ROMC
          Am Ch Macdega The Piano Man ROM ROMC
        Am Ch Macdega Unforgettable
          Brecon Forget-Me-Not
    Am/Can Ch Toven Wintertide CD ROMC
          Am Ch Macdega The Piano Man ROM ROMC
        Am/Can Ch Macdega Maserati ROM
          BISS Am Ch Macdega One Day at a Time
      Toven Rainboh's In Spring
          Am/Can Ch Banchory Strike Me Silver ROM
        Rainboh Etched In Silver
          Rainboh Tri It On Key
  Ch FDCh Borealis Summerlove Flash CD ADC NAFA 50K, TN-N, NJC, NGC, NAC, SSGDC, SJATD
          Ch Classy's Shadlars Desert Storm ROMC
        BIS Am/Can Ch Shadlars Highly Explosive ROMC
          Ch Shadlars Free Spirit
      Ch Summerlove's Hidden Explosion
          Ch Classy's Shadlars Desert Storm ROMC
        Ch Shadlars Summerlove Obsession
          Am/Can Ch Fairfax Shadlar's Obsession ROMC
    Ch Shadlar's Borealis Lexus
          Am/Can/Jap Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM ROMC
        Am/Can Ch Trevanne's Windswept ROM ROMC
          Ch Trevanne's Blue Heaven
      Ch Shadlars Colormebad At Talamar
          Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Ryan O'Neil ROM ROMC
        Ch Shay-Dee's Once In A Blue Moon ROMC
          Arhope Nationview Bombshell ROMC
Paris x Flash Pups Born April 26/07
          Am/Can Ch Dundee Hullston Jambalaya ROM
        Am Ch Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM
          Am Ch Apple Acres Hi-Fashion Model
      Am Ch Apple Acres Mardi Gras
          BISS BIS Am Ch Homewood Hurricane ROM CC
        Am Ch Trevanne's Dominique
          Ch Shadlars Trevanne's Trivia
    Am/Can Ch Serenity Apple Acres Iceland
          BIS Am Ch Macdega Asterisk ROM ROMC
        Act I Bi Line
          Tradewynd Black Orchid
      Act I Rosalie
          Am/Can Ch Trevanne's Windswept ROM ROMC
        Gemstone Just For Fun
          Grandhill Flirtations
  Cassbar's Blinding Bling
          Am/Can Ch Grandhill Clearsky Hi Flyer
        BISS BIS Am/Int Ch Shadow Hill's Air Force One NA CC
          Shadow Hill's Opening Night ROM
      Am Ch Willow Cove's Bluesman
          Am Ch Daval Resolute ROM
        Willow Cove's Revelation
          Am Ch Willow Cove's Outrageous
    Cinderye Cassbar's Swingin' Bi TN-N
          Am/Jap Jp Ch Mystix Quote Unquote ROM ROMC
        BPIS Ch Rikadon's Indelible
          Ch Rikadon's Madison Avenue
      Ch Rikadon's Fascination Can AGN
          Am Ch Macdega Evergreen
        Ch Shelou Rikadon Scandalous
          Ch Terobshe Rare Edition

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