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Here Snow shows you to a dark wooden shelf. She explains that here is where she keeps her items such as potions and boxes with battle tecniques inside when she doesn't have a specific eorlan to give it to at the time.
Hold your mouse over the item to see what it does.

talons claws! thick coat!thick coat!neck collar!neck collar!back fins!straight horn
bone armor!dragon wings!scythe!
silver marking addition!color addition! color addition! tail mutation! marking addition!marking addition!marking addition!eye color additionear mutation
gouge attackbite attack!charge attack!headbutt attackheadbutt attacktackletackletacklescratch attack
howl of the wretched: chaos attack!lava breath: lava attackfatigue: psychic attackcomet slash: starlight attack
psychic element!element of caffeine!element of lavaelement of starlight
orange battle apple!copper battle apple!blue battle apple!red gemstone!red gemstone!

Used Items:
element of chaos!
Used on: Degan