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Welcome To Big Chimney Baits

Individually Hand Crafted Balsawood Musky Lures

Me, my belly, and my Slab eatin' 50 incher!

   My baits are made entirely by hand, My two hands alone. This makes them very limited in numbers, so you're not going to see them in many stores,if any. I am going to try to keep the price down as low as I can and that is impossible if I sell to stores. In the past I sold to some places that charged 3 times what I sold to them for. Thats not fair to me, or you the consumer. I may put some on E-bay some time but for now this site will be it and I will only have the colors shown. I will try to keep up with the number of each in stock too. Just E-mail me with orders until I can get a shopping cart set up. Price per lure will drop a little on orders of more than two.

Thanks, Tim

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