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Welcome To "GutterPrincess's" 3D Avatars

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UPDATED 02/14/05
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Beach Dress
Girl With an additude
Shes Kinda VAMPY
Blonde Blues
In Duh Pinksss
Dreamer in Copper
Aqua Swimmer
Cute Preggie
Lil Smartie Skirt *my fav lol*
Sexy Shopper
Shorthaired Beauty
Chillin out
My 2nd SexyVamp*
My 1st Try with Av's! *Cutes in jeans*
LiL Bronze
Run Around sue 0:)
Hippie Chic
PonyTail in Leather
Lady In Red
o0ps she falls down LMAO!
Blonde Gothie Chic
Bathing Beauty 2
Bathing Beauty 3
Bronze Bathing Beauty
Beach Dress
Gothic Chic :)
Sexy Office Girl
Night on the town
Sleepy time
Lil Girl
little Vampyre
Beach Shorts
Dressy Beach chic
BronzeChic long beach dress
Blonde long beach dress
Made this for "DolphinSong"..hugs~
Party Chic
Beauty in OverAlls!
Blonde Ponytail chic in JeanSkirt
BronzeBeauty in JeanSkirt
Tan Blonde the Basic black Bathing suit :)
Brunette in Floral
Sunny :)
Jeans An...Pearls
Cute blonde in Pink Pants
A LIL To Sexy!!!..lmao
Sexy in Sweats
JungleChic (she lies down)
My lil Cowgirl :)
hmmm Wizard Chic(had ta do it lol )
Cute space chic!
Sexy in pink Sweater (my Ct av)go use it~hugs)
Slinky in Purple
Bronze RedHaired Beauty
Blonde in Capri's
TOO SEXY in StringBikini***
SEXY in Purple O:)
SEXY in Purple but more animations.....***
MS Sultry O:)
MS~~~ Sultry #2
BlondeHaired SpaceChic
BlackHairedSpace chic* she points? *
*BronzeSpace chic*
TOO SexyGothie
Way to cutes in duh checked Pinks~
Fairy Princess in blue
Go West Girlie
Too Sexy in Sneakers
The Holiday gurlie
The Bronze Holiday gurlie
Shorthaired Holiday gurlie
Shorthaired Cutie Retro
RedHaired Baby Pearls & Jeans 0:
RedHaired Baby DressUp
Holiday GOTHCHIC***
Sexy Blonde in jeans

Sexy blonde green&Black swimsuit
Bronze Rehaired Beauty in Blue Swimsuit
*ChinaTown Gurlie*
Vampyre in Town!
Fresh! in blue:)
2nd Vampyre in town o:)
LiL Princess
LIL BASIC Black Dress
DressUP in PigTails(Blonde)
DressUP in PigTails 2 (DarkHair)
Sexy Fairy~Yellow wings~
Barely in Red..0:)
My CT swimSuit~feel free to use it :)
a....Boot Camp Gurlie
**The Princess in Rose**
Made this For "msmoneybags" Hugs
Princess of the Fairy's***I made this for my CT mom "Deb44"
NEW!!!! *Rosie..in *duh Garden*
*NEW!!!!*MIDNITE*Stars and ButterFlys*
NEW!!! * French Chic


A lil RockinRoll
sexy bronze dude
Kewl Dude
Bronze surfer
Hippie dude
Blonde Rocker
Casual kina dude
Kickin the town
FBI dude lmao...
Weekender dude
Dude in jeans
Blonde dude in KaKi
Kewl dude in shorts :)
My space Man-lmao
gothicMan # 2
Dude in sweatShirt (medium bonde hair)
HeartBreaker o:)
Short Haired dude in black
Green handsome space dude
Handsome Rowdy cowBoy
BrownLongHair rock n Roller
GOTHMAN #3 o:)
Brown haired PonyTail Dude
BronzeMan in Army Outfit? O:)~*
Kewl Dude#2 (redhairLong)
The dude next Door
Bronzeman in jeans and ponytail:)
Bronze GothMan
Vampyre in town..dude
GothMan goes Surfin-:)
Bronze Long Braided hair Dude:)
Guitar Dude
Redhead dude in SwimTrunks
Ponytail Swimmer dude
NEW!"dude in Animal Print with bandanna"

~Thankies for Visiting~Hugs from me "GutterPrincess"
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Creation date 11/22/04
Please do not use these avatars on other pages or sites.
All Rights Reserved GPJL2004

These Avatars were made with avatar studio 1 & 2
extra's like new hair and tatoo's made possible with ...
.... "Zieks Patch" which combines both studios*
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