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This is a picture of the Amede Rabideau Family.

Back row: L to R Gene, Louis, Francis (my grandfather) 2nd row: Josephine and Julie Seated: Amede(Meddy) with Louise on his lap. Julie Desire Vanderlinden Rabideau with Rose on her lap. 1st row: John

Rabideau Family

1.Manuel Robidou b.abt.1612 St. Germain, Paris, France d. ??. Manuel m. Catherine Alue/Alve b. abt 1618 Burgos,Spain.

Manuel and Catherine Robidou had 1 child:
  • Andre

    2. Andre Robidou b.1643 Burgos,Spain d.4/1/1678 La-Prairie, Quebec. Andre m. Jeanne Denot 6/7/1667 La Prarie, Quebec. Jeanne was a Fille du Roi from St-Germain I'Auxerrois, Ile de France b. abt 1645. She arrived in Canada in 1666 d.10/10/1701

    Andre and Jeanne Robidou had 5 children:
  • Marie-Romaine b. 1669
  • Marguerite b. 11/10/1671
  • Jeanne b. 9/19/1673
  • Guillaume b. 1675
  • Joseph b.1/13/1679

    3.Joseph Robidou b. 1/13/1679 La-Prairie, Quebec d. 1728 Montreal. Joseph m.Jeanne Sequin 10/10/1701 Lonqueuil, Canada. b. 1680 d. 12/21/1749.

    Joseph and Jeanne Robidou had 11 children:
  • Josephe b. 1702
  • Toussaint b. 1704
  • Joseph b. 1705/06
  • Jean b. 1709
  • Agnes b. 1710/11
  • Jean Baptiste b. 1712
  • Madeline b. 1713
  • Barbe b. 1715
  • Jeanne b. 1718
  • Etienne b. 1719/20

    4. Joseph Robidoux b. 3/9/1706 St.Phillipe, La-Prairie, Quebec d. 2/1779 La-Prairie, Quebec. Joseph m. Marie Anne Mesnil10/31/1729 La-Prairie, Quebec. b.1709.

    Joseph and Marie Anne Robidoux had 15 children:
  • Joseph b.1730
  • Augustin b. 1731
  • Marie Anne Amable b. 1732
  • Marguerite b. 1734
  • Louis b. 1735
  • Pierre b. 1736
  • Toussant Amable b. 1737
  • Therese b. 1738
  • Angelique b. 1740
  • Antoine b. 1741
  • Ursule b. 1743
  • Charlotte b. 1744
  • Unnamed b&d 1746
  • Josephe b. 1747
  • Francois b. 1750

    5. Louis Robidoux b. 3/15/1735 La-Prarie, Quebec d. 6/12/1803 St. Constant, La-Prairie, Quebec. Louis m.Felicite Bourdeau b. 1740 d. 1822.

    Louis and Felicite Robidoux had 12 children:
  • Felicite b. 1761
  • Monique b. 1762
  • Louis b. 1763
  • Rosalie b. 1765
  • Suzanne b. 1766
  • Pierre Amable b. 1769
  • Augustin b. 1772
  • Catherine b. 1773
  • Hewidge b. 1774
  • Antoine b. 1777
  • Louise b. 1779
  • Marguerite b. 1782

    6. Pierre Amable Robidoux b. 6/22/1769 d. ?? Pierre m. Marie Anne Bro 1/30/1792 La-Prairie. b. 1773 d. 1808.

    Pierre and Marie Anne Robidoux had 9 children:
  • Marie Anne b. 1792
  • Catherine Louise b. 1793
  • Pierre b. 1795
  • Augustin b. 1797
  • Paul b. 1799
  • Claire b. 1802
  • Catherine b. 1803
  • Ambroise b. 1806
  • Toussaint b.1808
  • 2nd marriage of Pierre Robidoux: Veronique Barre(widow of Joseph Gerin)1809

    7. Ambroise "Antoine" Robidoux b. 9/25/1806 St.Joachim, Canada d. 1860. Ambroise m. Josephte Gendron 8/28/1863 in St. Martine, Quebec.

    Ambroise and Josephte (Gendron)Robidoux had 8 children:
  • (unnamed) b&d. 1837
  • Angelique Philomene b. 1838
  • Onesime b. 1841
  • Amede b. 1844
  • Eusebe(Eugene) b. 1846
  • Narcisse(Nelson) b. 1850
  • Rose b. 1852
  • Damas b. 1855 L'Erable, Illinois

    2nd marriage of Ambroise

    Josette Chouder 1860.

    8.Amede "Meddie" Rabideau b. 2/18/1842 St. Martine, Canada d. 4/4/1915 in Clifton, Il . Meddie m.Julie Desire Vanderlinden 10/13/1868 Clifton, IL. b. 1851 Belgium d.12/19/1893 Clifton, Il. after having surgery for cancer. In 1908 Amede moved to St. Anne, Illinois leaving the farm in his eldest son's capable hands. Our Grandpa Francis moved with him and that is probably how he met our Grandmother Zoe. On December 19, 1912 in Kankakee County, Illinois Amede married Leddie Ida Allain.

    Amede and Julie Rabideau had 8 children all born in Chebanse, Illinois:
  • Louis b.1869
  • Marie b. 1871
  • Josephine b. 1873
  • Eugene b. 1875
  • Francis b. 1877
  • John b. 1886
  • Louise b. 1890
  • RoseAnna b.1891
  • 9. Francis Rabideau b. 2/17/1877 in Chebanse,Il d. 9/12/1928 in St.Anne, Illinois. On 9/20/1910 in St. Anne,IL. Francis married Fanny Zoe Cote b. 5/30/1884 Beaverville, IL. d. 10/20/1926 Kankakee, IL. .

    Francis and Zoe Rabideau had 10 children all born in St. Anne, Illinois:

  • Anna Maria (Marie Anna) b. 6/13/1911 d. 2/16/ 1983 in Watseka, IL. Anna married Rudolph Ahrens 10/23, 1929
  • Aldea b. 11/3/ 1912 d. 7/14/1960 in Kankakee. Aldea m. Oscar Pool 12/19/1931.
  • William(Bill) b. 2/1/1915 d. 2/23/1988. Bill m (1) Elise Leonard b. 7/16/1911 d. 7/1973. (2) Mary Voglund Garvin on 10/11/1969.
  • Lucille b. 9/23/1916 m. Herman Goselin
  • Rose b. 10/11/1917 d. 3/ 1994 m. Virgil Adams.
  • Leah b. 12/21/1918 m. William Johnson
  • Phillip b.12/19/1919 d. 6/1969 m. Vivian Hoy 7/30/1939 in Kentland, IN
  • Jeanette b. 2/3/1921 d. 2/4/1998 m. Harry Neuhalfen
  • Alice b.5/13/1923 d. 1/5/1992 m. John Gagnon 6/25/1947 in Watseka, Il.
  • Mary Louise b. 4/12/1925 d.4/5/1998 m. Ray Gerber
  • Even though the Rabideau family had immigrated to Illinois in the 1850s, my mom in 1917 when she started 1st grade at the St. Anne Catholic Academy, did not speak English. When the nuns realized this, they started her sister Aldea in school that year, too, so the girls could learn English together and in turn teach the rest of the family to speak English.

    Unfortunately the family had many sad times. Grandpa Frank fell from a kiln chimney where he worked at the St. Anne Brick and Tile company as a carpenter/handiman and broke both legs and an arm. Zoe did not recover after the last child was born in 1925 and remained frail until her death a year later. My mom dropped out of school to help her dad with the children. Then in 1928 Frank touched a live wire at work which caused him to have a heart attack that killed him.

    Most of the children were placed in the Home of the Friendless - a Catholic Orphanage. The estate was charged monthly until the money ran out and then the children were placed with family or friends of the family. Mom being 17 at the time of the hearing to place the children after her dad's death was placed as a Nanny in a home in Kankakee. Aldea was placed with the nuns at the convent school in St. Anne. Mary Lou, the baby, was placed in the home of Louis and Ellen Rabideau. The ones that were placed in the orphanage never really talked about the horrible time they had there for the 2 years they were there. Aunt Leah did say that Aunt Lucy cried everyday so they finally let them stay in the same room.

    I am still processing where each child was placed after the orphanage. If anyone has info would love to hear from you. I have found from the 1930 census where most were living. Anna - she met and married my dad in October 1929.

    Aldea- In 1930 at age of 17 she was a servant to the Vander Karr family in Kankakee.

    William - possibly working on his Uncle Eugene and Aunt Mary's farm.

    Lucille- 1930 census shows her living with her oldest sister Anna and Rudy Ahrens

    Rose- 1930 census has her living with her oldest sister Anna and Rudy Ahrens

    Jeannette --lived with her Uncle John and Aunt Ida Rabideau.

    Alice--lived with Ed and Celia St. Peter in Watseka until she married. Aunt Alice inherited the St. Peter farm.

    Phillip--placed with Ed and Celia St.Peter. I have found out that Ed is the grandson of Onesome Rabideau who is the sister of our Great Grandpa Amede Rabideau so was a cousin to Frank. In 1940 census Alice was listed as their child but Phillip as their nephew. In 1930 both had been listed as niece and nephew.

    Leah- Was placed with Uncle Arthur and Aunt Louise Hubert….. Granpa Frank’s sister

    Mary Lou was still living with Uncle Louis and Aunt Ellen Rabideau.

    Most of the children had it almost as hard out of the orphanage as they did inside. Most were not treated as family but either worked in the fields or in the house as servants to the family for their upkeep. As one Aunt stated" At least in the orphanage we got to see each other. Once we were placed with relatives we hardly ever saw each other"


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