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Welcome to the official Team Wolfpack Website.

- - - - NEWS! - - - -
Their hasn't been much progress the past few months as funding is very limited. So far I had cut out a 1/16" Stainless top plate and mounted the saw motor. New pictures coming soon.. Oh and it doesn't look like I will make it to the next BB event (unless $2000 suddenly falls into my hands?).
Iron Wolf is now nearly completed. He runs very nicely (fingers crossed) and seems to be performing well. Although it runs well with the new wheel modifications (that you can check out on my picture page 3), a 2 wheeled bot is not always fun to drive. Also, be sure to check out my 3rd page of pictures!!! Woo hoo!
The past 2 weeks have been EXCELLENT. Iron Wolf is taking shape faster and faster by the day. We recieved all the electronics including: the 2 Victor883's, Futaba 6XAPS, Astroflight 112D and Power supply. We have yet to buy the batteries and armor. But so far, we're looking good, check out our 2nd page of pictures.
Welding, welding and uh, more welding.. Brackets and reduction platform mounts were welded in. Also, a huge 100 amp continuous contactor arrived in the mail, this baby is for on/off control of our saw.
Today we finished the entire frame of Iron Wolf! To add to this, Team Wolfpack has just decided to add a small edition to the team. Our 12 lbs pneumatic axe bot will also be completed before the SECR event in january.
Today I did some work on the computer designing a schematic of the electrical system of Iron Wolf. I showed it to a few builders and they said it should work fine.. Check it out!
Wheew... My father and I worked a whole lot on the bot today, we finished the top frame and some more frame mounts. Lots of welding was done!! Turned out good..
I made a trip to home depot and bought a nice 7 1/4" saw blade for a few bucks. (NOTE:This is not the one I will use for battle, just for measurements). Looks like it will fit juuust riiite...
Big design change. Jason R from Team Rocko Robotics gave me an idea about mounting a saw blade on my bot a la Village Idiot.
Drill press arrived! But one of the mounting brackets is broken :( Looks like I'll have to wait 2 weeks before they ship out another one. This will slow me down.
Weight seems to be a little high, I ordered some Ti from and cut down on some weight.
2 EV's have been modified by soldering in capacitors. Harder then I thought...
Bottom section of frame almost complete. Hubs in the process of being drilled out.
Baseplate cut to size with metal shear. 18" X18" SS, 1/16" Thick.
EV's return from the local machinst with the roll pin and sprocket assembly. Looks great!
Between the dates of 6/25/01 and 8/10/01
We recieved our shipments of sprockets, EV's, mounts, sleeves, chains, roll pins, SS tubing, bearings, colsons, hubs and keyed shaft all within 2 or 3 months.
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