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Bull Skull Kennels

We at Bull Skull are very proud of the reputation we have built up for quality over the years. To help everyone see why I believe my kennel is the wave of the future for not just the Boyles line, but for bulldogs in general, I have compiled a list of what makes Bull Skull Kennels different from the rest:

The 9 Virtues of Bull Skull Kennels

  1. HONOR. First of all, I deserve to be remembered in history for being the man who stole Hollingsworth's Polly ROM (aka: Red Lady ROM). RTK and Southern Kennels get all the credit for this great producer, but if it wasn't for me stealing her in the first place, they could never have benefited from Polly. So I just want to make it clear that I deserve full credit as the thief of this dog, who ultimately produced CH MayMay 4xW. I will also lie about any kennel I have a problem with, or steal their dogs, or both. (He he he, who do you think Stole CH Wako too :) Finally, if I really don't like someone I will call the animal control on their yard. Remember, there is no honor in the streets or among thieves.
  2. ESTABLISHED. Second, although I have been in the dogs for over 15 years, I have yet to establish a bloodline of my own. Now some people may think I am unstable, but I am just very particular as to what gets to stay here. I started out peddling any old unpapered dog to whoever had the cash, but now I am concentrating on Boyles dogs. The reason is simple: these dogs sell and bring me the cash, so I will stick with them as long as they continue to do so. In staying with this line, I have been satisfied with several good dogs along the way, but I just can't seem to keep them alive (or around) long enough to base a yard on one. I am trying to stick with Sparky now because so many people want to breed to him. So as you can see I am pretty well established.
  3. STANDARDS. My standards are the highest in the game and everyone knows this. For instance, most people will look the other way if a well-bred brood bitch quits on their yard, but not me. I will sell it to someone else, who can waste his time on her. For instance, I had a heavy-bred Oiler Jr. bitch on my yard that not only was the tightest bred alive, but that I thought was an ace. One day I set out to prove she was an ace, but she quit to Pretty Girl (a daughter of Emmitt who herself later quit) in fifteen minutes. Now, OK, maybe I don't know what an ace is because my "ace" was really a fifteen minute cur, but my point is most people would have made excuses for her, but not me. I sold her to a well-known kennel (I won't say who) as a "brood bitch," and I got rid of all the pups. So, as you can see, I have as high a standards as anyone. I may lie to others, but I won't lie to myself.
  4. A GOOD EYE. Part of being an excellent dogman is having a good eye for a dog. In addition to being wrong about the Olier Jr. bitch above, I recently campaigned a dog named Epitaph. This great dog was a son of CH Bozack to a bitch I had off of Andy Capp. I told everyone that this Epitaph dog was my best dog ever. I mean, after I saw him hit a leak in a Stone City male in :04, I was convinced. Sure I was disappointed when Epitaph quit in :40 to a 16 month old puppy on his first outing, but I'm telling you he was a true ACE. So, again, it is important to get a dog from a man who has a good eye for quality, and you can clearly see that I have one.
  5. INTEGRITY. My word is my bond. This is true at all times (unless someone is waiving cash in my face when I happen to be broke). But normally, I will get you the pup I promise you - but please try to understand those few cases when I have to sell your pup to make ends meet. I really appreciate it. Same thing when I sell curs. I'll only do it when I'm broke, as normally I am honest, so you might want to inquire as to my financial condition before you purchase a dog from me.
  6. WORK ETHIC. No one works harder at the dogs than I do. I have been the do-boy of Monorcan Kennels, Speed Bump Kennels, and Hard Core Kennels for many years. Hell, Big Mike's dogs would all be dead from neglect if I didn't do everything he says and clean up after them, feed them, and water them for him. Same with the other local dogmen. I'll feed their dogs, clean their yards, and do any chore I am asked to do, and I'll do it dirt cheap, because I am the most famous do-boy in Florida. This has established an unequalled work ethic in me that has bought me many a TV dinner and gotten me through many a trying time.
  7. LUCK. I must be the luckiest man in the dogs too. Not only has being a do-boy earned me many a Swanson's, but it has enabled me to take advantage of other people's good dogs too. Sure, I've hardly bred a winner myself in over 15 years with these dogs (forget about CH Wako, as Scooter really bred him), but because I do everything people tell me to do, I have benefited from others' breeding successes. Take CH Emmitt for example. The real dogmen who bred and showed him, Scooter and Speedbump, told me I could use him if I'd feed him. So, that's why I got to advertise the dog - as being a do-boy and taking care of other people's good dogs has its advantages. Same with CH Pup Pup too. I was asked to be the do-boy and go pick him up when he was purchased from Wonder Boys, and I got paid a grand for doing it! He he he, lucky me, they guy who sent me on the drive also overpaid me a grand too (but I didn't tell him), so I really made two grand for the trip. (I was kinda embarrassed at being nothing more than a do-boy, and I wanted to feel important, so I told people I "owned" CH Pup Pup. But the truth is I was just the gopher who fetched the dog for his new owner.) Anyway, the same thing is true with GR CH Sparky. I could never have bred my own GR CH (we all know that), but that doesn't mean I can't buy one. Sure, I was too broke to be able to afford the dog on my own, but because I had loyally obeyed everything Big Mike had told me to do over the years, he leant me the $1,500 purchase price for Sparky. So not only am I lucky to know someone with money, but only "I" could have gotten a sterile dog to produce too (wink-wink). This is why I am convinced Lady Luck is smiling over the shoulder of Bull Skull Kennels.
  8. BREEDING RECORD. Aside from all the breedings I have tried to take credit for, I still know deep down I am the breeder of the future. It's all in how many Champions I can put in a pedigree. Percentages don't matter to me, styles don't matter to me, bloodline compatibility doesn't matter - nothing matters to me but trying to see a "CH" as many times as possible in a pedigree. As proof for the effectiveness of this, I have bred 8 winners and 4 quitters in my 15 years with these dogs. No one can touch these numbers. So, remember that not only are none of the Champions in my pedigrees my doing, but out of all the dogs I have bred directly during the last 15 years, a whopping 12 have seen (bushleague) shows, and of these 12 outings, 8 have won.
  9. THE TOTAL PACKAGE. When you look to purchase a dog from someone, he's got to be more than a breeder, more than a conditioner, he's got to have more than honor, integrity, a record, and a good work ethic - and he's got to be more than a salesman. Basically, he's got to have it all. And as you can clearly see from the above, Bull Skull Kennels is a complete dogman.

Now that I have gotten my statistics out of the way, I present to you the greatest dog I have ever owned. Bull Skull Kennels proudly presents:


Rising Star's "GR CH Sparky"


I had nothing to do with this dog, and even had to borrow the change required to buy him, but here he is. And he "really is" fertile!


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