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We Will Not Forget!
The attack on the United States Of America

At approximately 8:45 am EST, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. At first, it appeared to be a horrifying accident. However, at approximately 9:03 am, our worst fears became reality as we saw United Airlines Flight 175 crash into the South Tower. "What is going on? thought most americans, but it wouldn't be long before we all knew for sure that America was under attack. At approximately 9:40, almost an hour after the first crash, American Airlines flight 77 went crashing into the Pentagon in Washington DC. Terrorists, it appears, have violated not only our country, but it's freedom and innocence as well. But it wasn't over yet. At apprximately 10:00 am, United Airlines Flight 93 crashes into an open field south east of Pittsburgh. At approximately 9:50 am, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses, and is followed by the North Tower at approximately 10:29 am.

These events have changed the face of the American People. We recognize our weak points, and see, on the other hand, just how strong we can be. These acts unified a nation. There was no racism, no bigotry, or discrimination. We were a body of one, with the same feelings of disbelief and horror, sadness and mourning. It is a shame that it takes such brutal acts for us to remember who we are. But today, we stand united. And I hope, by the love of God, that we can stay that way. Remember these feeelings, and these past days. The images will slowly fade from our minds over time, but let us not lose the spirit of unity that every true american feels, no matter if it was caused of acts of terrorism. These events have truly changed me. I lost a lot of myself on September 11, 2001, but I'm an American, and I love this country, and I (we) will PREVAIL!

These pages are constructed of graphic images of September 11, 2001, but is not intended to make people remember the tragedies, but for the great people of The United States Of America to never forget this infringement on our freedom. When you're done looking at the links below, please come back to this page to sign the guest book with a thought or prayer about these events, thier victims, victims families, or the hole that was blasted into every true American's heart. Thank you, Stay strong, and God bless.(Windows Media Player will be needed to watch the videos.)

Video and Pictures of 9/11/01

Tower 1
Tower 2
The Pentagon
The Firefighters
The Victims
The Aftermath
George Bush's speech to the Nation