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Bark beetles Bark Beetles
Bark Beetles
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Chemical insecticides and bark beetles are destroying our forests

Bark Beetles

The bark beetles are one of the most serious damaging agent of Turkey forest trees. However we work to prevent from their damages that an agent of protecting struggle cannot see either unsuitable control methods tried or clear forest administrating and silviculturel methods. Forest control services and identification of a pest must be required actually specialiation. Bark beetles are more dangerous than the big forest fire. It also is an insidious enemies.

Ips typographus, The eight-toothed spruce bark beetle

  • The least 30 million m³ spruce trees were killed by Ips typographus after violet storms in West Europe in 1990. Economical worth of this loss has been calculated to be $ 717 600 000.
  • The bark beetle Ips typographus attacking Oriental spruce is considered to have killed least one million m³ between 1998 and 2000 in Artvin Forestry Directorate in Turkey.

Ips sexdentatus, The twelve-toothed pine bark beetle

  • The damage by Ips sexdentatus has destroyed least 3 million m³ of oriental spruce between 1928 and 2000 in Eastern Black Sea Region.
  • There were applied to control the pest one million litre chemical insecticides afterwards 1965. But, chemical control measures was not successful.

Dendroctonus micans, The great spruce bark beetle

  • The great spruce bark beetle, Dendroctonus micans attacking Oriental spruce in Turkey is considered to have killed least 15 million spruce trees between 1967 and 2000.
  • There were applied to control the pest 1 200 000 litre chemical insecticides between 1967-1985. But, the insecticides were not completely successful except for a slight decrease in the populations of the pest.

Tomicus piniperda, Common pine shoot beetle & Tomicus minor, Lesser pine shoot beetle

    Losses of Tomicus species ;

  • Losses up to 20-50% of annual growth of each trees may cause when beetles attack the shoots of pine trees.
  • Although economical losses were not determined by Pine shoot beetles in our country, it take places between 2.1-5.9 million m³ annual growth losses in Sweden pine forests of T. piniperda.




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