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Somewhere In Between

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Welcome to Somewhere In Between: A Fanfiction Page.

This page will have fanfics written by me, and I'll also host stories. I hope you like all the stories. And could you please sign my guestbook? PLEASE? I'd greatly appreciate it! THANKS :) Enjoy the stories! =)

***Last Updated: November 29, 2001 ***

**No Story Updates**

I just decided to update the front page with a little information. There won't be that many updates on the stories for a while, probably until sometime next year, unfortunately. I've got finals coming up next week, I have a new job starting tomorrow, and my boyfriend is coming to visit for 3 weeks in December, so my time is limited. I won't be able to write much or any until next year (it's not that far away) And hopefully when I update next time, I'll be able to revamp the site and make it looking better and more appealing and intersting. But for now, ya'll are just going to have to be patient. Thanks so much to those who sent feedback, ya'll are still welcome to send it and let me know what you think, what should happen (suggestions are always welcome, it helps me come up with ideas so I can maybe finish a story) and all that. So, please, email me (, or and let me know what you think about anything. Thanks for listening/reading my little message and sorry again for the lack of updates lately and now. Take care! Have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year!!!! I'll be "seeing" ya'll next year!!! Bye bye *sniff*


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