Southern Women / SSS Member Map

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Today is one of those days... bad weather is approaching some of our sisters. But who? Who lives where? How close are they to the severe weather? We need a source for finding just who of us is in harm's way and in need of our thoughtful concern and prayers.

Please click on the Members Map button above and enter your info. (IN THE COMMENT FIELD: PLEASE LIST YOUR CITY, STATE & COUNTY!)

NOTE: If you are running a pop-up stopper, you may have to close it for the map to appear after clicking on the button.

Be sure to bookmark this page for quick reference. You can come back here and click the same button to find out who is being affected by weather or other events our world seems so full of these days. This page is not public and will not be linked to from anywhere on the SW site.

Since Bravenet "improved" their service, the map can now only accept 50 entries. We are asking that SSS sign in first, and if you know others in Southern Women you are close to, please ask them to add their info here, also.

If this map fills up, we'll open another account and a 2nd Member Map to accomodate all Southern Women and SSS members who wish to be listed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, pls email -or- Thanks!