You ain't just whistlin Dixie,
You ain't just slappin your knee
We a grandchild of the Southland
And heir to the Confederacy!

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We started several years ago under the original name of GRITS, with Burke being our founder. Since then we have been through many changes. Sunney came along to help Burke out when the ring started to get big, as it grew, Louise came into the management, and with further growth, SweetmamaPam joined in as yet another co-manager. Due to legal matters we had to disband the original webring known as GRITS and we reformed in October 1998 under our present name The Southern Women Webring. Due to personal and business obligations, Burke, Sunney, and Pam have moved on. They still remain active members of our webring, but no longer are active in management. This webring would not be what it is today without them. Each brought a special part of themselves to us, and made this ring what it is today.
Burke, Sunney, and Pam
We will forever be grateful for you and your contributions!

May 2001: This brings us to who we are today. We are almost 300 members strong and growing by leaps and bounds! Mary Jane (MJ) signed on as co-manager in May 2001. Welcome to the wild world of webring management MJ!

August 28, 2001: Today Lou chose to resign her position as web-ring mistress for the Southern Women. Lou has her hands full at the moment with her home-town webpage. Although we respect Lou's decision, it is with some sadness that we watched her go. We will always be thankful for the years that Lou gave to this web ring. And although we will miss the "boss-lady" tremendously, we wish her all the luck in the world. "We love ya SwampyLou!!!" With membership well over 400 and continuous growth, Di agreed to join MJ in managing the web ring and together they plan to continue the tradition of bringing Southern Women together through a web ring devoted to acknowledging the abilities and strengths of women all over the Southland.

March 29, 2003: After almost 2 years of dedicated service to the web ring, Di has decided that she needs to leave the management team due to "There's a growing plate of 'stuff to do' and a shrinking amt of time to get it done." Di has been wonderful to work with and for the web ring. I'll miss her tremendously. Thanks pardner. You've been wonderful.

April 20, 2003: Di is back on a limited basis. :-) She just loves us too much to completely stay away. YEE HAW!!!! :-) Thanks pardner!! AND Lou has the Southern Women Top Sites list up and going. Thank you Swampy Lou!! What would we do without you!!

Our web ring continues to grow and flourish. We wish to thank each of you for your support and ask that you continue to invite your Southern lady friends/family to join us.

MJ and Di

"The biggest myth about Southern women is that we are frail types... fainting on our sofas. Nobody where I grew up ever acted like that. We were about as fragile as coal trucks." -Lee Smith

We are the women of the Southland! We were born here, some of us moved here, but all of us have Dixie in our blood. We come from all walks of life. Our common bond is our love and heritage of the South. We would like to share our beloved land with you, please tour our webpages, and we will welcome you with our hospitality.

If you are a southern lady and would like to join our group, please click on the above button to join. You will be taken to a page with our guidelines on it, and also a link to submit your site.
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