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 updated 11-20-2022

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Anna Smith

  Current danes ...

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  9 month old female black dane. She is a very sweet girl loves everyone. Great with kids, cats and dogs She needs a special furever home with a family who wants another family member. She is a beautiful black dane with white feet and chest..



  2 year old male black. He is a very lovable. He is great with other dogs loves people and kids. He was surrendered because his owner has brain cancer and can no longer care for him. He needs a family who will take him out places to keep him socialized.



  9 month old female black with white feet and chest great dane. She is very friendly loves cats, kids and people. She would do great in any home with people who will socialize her alot. She loves people and other dogs and socializing her will keep her that way.



  2 year old female black dane. She is a very sweet gentle giant. She is great with kids & dogs loves people. She is a beautiful girl she is housebroken. She was starving when she came into rescue and needs to be fed seperate from other dogs.



  4 year old blacke with white chest female. She is a very sweet and friendly girl. She loves kids and other dogs. She would like a home with kids and other dogs. She has now finished her training and walking without pulling.



  9 month old male black. He is a friendly boy good with kids. He is good with other animals. He is a very smart boy. He needs a family who will treat him as part of their family and keep him socialized with people and other dogs..



  13 month old female blue dane. She is a very sweet gentle giant great with other animals cats and kids. She is a very friendly girl very social. She came into rescue with Oden who she loves. Would do best with a family who has other dogs. She is still a puppys she is very well behaved great 1st time danes.



  16 week old female fawn great dane mix. She is a very loving little girl great with kids cats and other animals. She needs a family who will continue spoilin her take her car rides and to the parks. She is housebroken already and is a sweet very social friendly loving little girl.



  4 year old male blue merle dane. He is very loving once he gets to know you. He would do well with a family that has no kids. He is a very sweet boy once you get past his grouchy side.



  2 year old male harlequin great dane. He is a very sweet boy he loves his humans and is good with dogs. He needs a loving family he is a small boy weighing in at 107lb. He would do best with a family who has older kids because he gets excited easily.



  3 year old male cream blue harlequin . He is a very sweet loving boy. He is dog and people friendly. Needs home with family who has no kids and will be patient with him he was abused and it takes him a little time to trust new people. But once he trust you he is the biggest sweetest big boy you will ever have.

 Please note :

There is a $500.00 adoption donation for adult Danes, $800.00 to $1000.00 for puppies This helps cover many of the

expenses involved with the rescues - spaying/neutering,

vaccinations, heartworm test and treatments, worm check, treating for

ear mites, skin problems, etc. All of the rescue people

involved are volunteer only and do not get paid for their

love and time which is generously given

for the love of the breed.

We are in need of any donations for vet bills and medications. Thank you





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Devo (blue) Jane Samantha Molly Storm (harl)
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Warlock (harle) Zues (blk) Charlie Bessi
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