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The most explosive coaster on the planet blasts-off to an unbelievable 230 feet with a 215 foot dive back to Earth at hyper-speeds approaching 80 m.p.h. This all-new, colossal mega coaster features an ultra-intense, mile-long track packed with relentless thrills! Seven steep and dramatic drops, double highly-banked horizontal loops, an S-curve and high-speed "hammer head" featuring intense, tight twists and turns are jam-packed into this colossal scream machine.

Introduced: Spring 2001
Height: 230 feet (23 Stories)
Length: 5,394 feet (1+ mile)
Top Speed: 80 mph
Ride Duration: 4 minutes
Seating Capacity: 9 rows of 4 seats
Colors: Structure is royal blue, track is fuchsia and yellow, trains are royal blue, fuchsia and yellow.
Special Features: Riders are secured in unique, open-sided cars by lap-bar restraint. Features 7 relentless hills, steep drops and sharp curves on more than a mile of twisted steel.
Height Restrictions: Must be 54" to ride.
Manufacturer: B&M

Talon features 186 steel columns supporting 3,110 feet of slithering steel tubular track, making it the longest inverted coaster in the northeast! Eight-row trains painted bright blue with orange, yellow, red and teal accents, will seat riders four abreast and streak across a screaming orange and yellow track. With two, 32-passenger trains and a ride time of approximately 2 and a half minutes, Talon can accommodate 1,200 fearless riders per hour.

Model Inverted Outside-looping coaster
Structure Steel tubular track supported by 186 steel columns
Weight 2,977,000 pounds Features Outside Loop, Zero-G-Roll, Immelmann, Inclined Spiral, S-Curve, Corkscrew Spin, and a Spiral. Riders will experience a total of four upside-down motions. Time Approximately 2 minutes, 33 seconds Speed Approximately 58 mph Trains Eight rows of passengers, seated four across. Two 32-passenger trains. Vehicle Design Single ski-lift style seating with shoulder harness and safety belt system Ride Capacity Approximately 1,200 riders per hour Rider Height Requirement 54" tall or taller
The ride design is based on 713 drawings and 4,602 pages of calculations.
Track Length 3,110 feet Lift Height 135 feet Vertical Drop 120 feet Angle of Descent 50 degrees Vertical Loop 98 feet

It's offical PKD is getting the new HyperSonic XLC. It has a track length of 1,560 feet and a total height of 165ft with a top speed of 80 mph. It's the world's first compressed air launched coaster. It blasts riders from 0 to 80 mph in 1.8 seconds!! It has a vertical ascent/descent of 165 ft. The trains have shock absorbers designed for a very smooth ride.

Coming to Kennywood for 2001 is the Phantom's Revenge. After having originally stated that the Steel Phantom would be taken down in the year 2000 to make room for a bigger and better coaster, the park announced that they will rebuild the existing coaster and call it Phantom's Revenge. The park hired D.H. Morgan Manufacturing for the job.

The 2 initial drops will remain and the flat section of track between them will be replaced by a camel back hill. The drop through the ravine will be extended by 5 feet (230 ft. total) and at the base of the drop, the trains will enter an 82- degree banked turn, then head back up into a 230 foot long tunnel. The final section of inversions will be replaced by noninverted track.

The trains are to be replaced as well (manufactured by Morgan) and hopefully, lap bars will replace the current infamous head banging shoulder restraints. (This information on the Phantom's Revenge was taken from Coaster 2000. Thanx guys!)

The Nitro previded by RideZone but propety of Brett Bekiarian Photographer and pilot Jerry Katula and Talon pictures are previded by RideZone

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