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AAA Matilda United States
Welcome to this site, if you have made it here, you are looking for info on making money while surfing OR are looking for fakesurf 5.0 (october 7th release). You do NOT need this program to make money, you can do it all legal by signing up for multiple programs. You are not allowed to download fakesurf from here for legal reasons. Seems this messege doesnt stop anybody, and the program is on here for educational purposes only. Download at your own disgression...i am not held responsible. You are free to dl it if u wanna, but I would appreciate if you sign up for a program that catches ur interest under me. Thanks. Here is an easy way to get referrals,RefMaker, its a great system, and defenately worth a look!
All the ads on here are useful except the top one which is because I use angelfire. Sorry for all the clutter, but this page will be changing sometime soon so that it looks alot better, Im working on it.

With the below programs, I have rated them out of 5 s for your ease. - One of the original pay to surf programs onscreen banner
Rating: - Pay per clicks on their page they set u up with 10 clicks a day limit, $.50 every 10 clicks...sounds pretty good
Rating: - Popup, no banner has great potential, and doesnt swamp your computer if u have low resources
Rating: - E-Mail ads, click to earn about 3 a day, variable amount of money per
Rating: - Banner, unlimited hours good at catching cheat out
Rating: - Ads on your screen, only pops up when an ad is sent to u not many ads, but $20-$120 for an hour of ads.
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