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1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer



This homepage is a tribute to the Kjensli familys 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.




The car is a Final edition 1991 model Jeep Grand Wagoneer, with every availible option including the factory moonroof. The car has been totally restored (frame off) and is in an exeptional condition.


















The whole project was launched by this “beast” a 1979 Jeep Cherokee. Due to heavy duties on large cars like a Grand Wagoneer, it will cost a fortune to take one into Norway in a normal way. The 79 was all rusted and to repair it, it is allowed to change the body on the car. Since these full size Jeeps have been relativly identical since the 60`s, switching the body from 79 to 91 was no problem.





After many years of searching for the right final edition Grand Wagoneer, we found it not to far from New Haven Conneticut. The car had every availible option including the rear factory moonroof. The Grand Wagoneer was in excellent condition, and it was shipped to Gothenbourgh Sweden, where we picked it up and drove it back to Norway.




Safe home in Norway the car was divided from its frame and the restauration could begin. Even if the car was a 91 model rust had appeared, the metal cover that covers the gas tank had already gotten a large amount of rust. The engine was removed from the frame and was rebuilt with a new camshaft and the cylinder heads were serviced. The frame was sandblasted and repainted.







Every moveable part in the suspension was either restored or changed. When the frame was done, the engine was cleaned up and repainted before putting it back on the frame again. The car reccived new shocks, water pump, hoses all around and a new heater.





The body was cleaned up under, before applying thick black paint, the woodie was stripped off and the body reccived new black paint all around. The interior was in really good shape and needed no restauration.





When the body was finished it was put back on the frame and we went to the local motor vehicle department to get it licenced. This was (they said) one of the nicest cars, they ever had given a licence to.





About a year after the car was licenced we ended up on the roof, after crushing an 11 inch pine. The road surface was extremly slippery, we met this big trailer, and the right side tires got outside the asphalt. The car skidded over in the opposite drivelane, Before it then hit an 11 inch pine with the roof, crushing it into three pieces. The wag then came to a final rest on the upside down.




The car was as you probably can tell from the picture totalled. Luckely we had the Grand Wagoneer, if we had driven any “regular” family car we would probably all be dead now.





We have now purchased a 88 Grand Wagoneer as a parts car, so we can get the Grand Wagoneer on the road





Please E-Mail me for any questions or comments about the car.