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SAILSetc Model Designs by Graham Bantock available with laser cut frames

Design NameClassLOADisplPublisherDesignerComments
ROGUE RG65 25.6 ins3 lbsSAILSetc Graham Bantock Laser cut frames are shown on the Rogue RG65. Click for RG65 PhotoShow
3RD DEGREE 36/600 USA & Japan 36 ins 6 lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock
1ST IMPRESSIONOne Metre (USA) 39.4 ins 6 lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock
VEKTOR International One Meter 39.4 ins 9lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock Fine tuned for reaching courses
ZIGZAG International One Meter39.4 ins 9 lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock Fine tuned for windward/leeward courses
MONARCH International Marblehead 50.8 ins11 lbsTraplet Graham Bantock Excellent all around ability where there is a good spread of wind speeds
IONA International Ten Rater 60 ins 13 lbs AMYA Grahm Bantock Fine tuned for best performance in light airs
GRAFFITI International Ten Rater 67 ins 13 lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock Fine tuned for best performance in medium and heavy airs
ROMANZA 6 Metre (GBR) 63 ins 25 lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock Excellent all around design in this class combined with an attractive appearance
PRIVATEER International A Class 74 ins 37 lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock Competitive design that will give a competitive boat to an average builder
GUNBOAT International A Class 75 ins 26 lbs SAILSetc Graham Bantock For light airs only or for an expert builder capable of building ultra light

Rogue RG65 Class Laser Cut Frames $95 + $15 S&H in US and Canada

Rogue RG65's have become very popular in many model sailboat club fleets suddenly!

Be the first in your club to build one! My laser cut frames are from the board of the internationally known championship skipper, expert designer and supplier of all things for model yachtsmen, Graham Bantock, owner of SAILSetc.

By arrangement with SAILSetc, laser cut frames with t-rails are available to those who show proof of purchase of one set of SAILSetc's Rogue RG65 plans for each set of frames. They are made from CADCAM files provided by Graham Bantock, designer. They are designed for strip planking at 25.6" per the Class Rules.

Roque RG65 was designed specifically with home builders in mind. The hull form is adapted to suit the additional construction weight entailed with relatively low tech building techniques. Hence, it is ideal for the construction method with laser cut frames. Most of the frames are removed leaving a very light weight shell.

See the table below of SAILSetc's 11 boats by Graham Bantock that I offer laser cut frames for.

SAILSetc offers the Rogue RG65 Argon moulded hull and all the rigging and equipment necessary that can be used with the wooden models just as well on their web site at .

Study the Roque RG65 Association web site at for this very popular small racing class with a worldwide membership in many countries.

The Yahoo Group at RG65 Sailboats US has the lead in message "We hope to expand the RG65 Class into a truly International Class of sailboats by promoting the sailing and building of these smaller boats within North America." I joined and offer laser cut frames to help this energetic group of young hard charging professionals to meet their objectives! Let your friends know of this ambitious group! Click for Rogue RG65 racing in Latin America and other countries and the MMI March 2007 RG65 featured article. Join the Yahoo Group for Rogue RG65 Sailboats US for the latest news on this rapidly developing class in the US!

Chris Jackson has been the main driving force for the development of the class in the UK through his ‘Free Sailing’ articles in the Model Marine International magazine. He is the UK Class Secretary and World Council Representative. His article showing the building photos for these very fast deep keel models can be accessed by a link on the Association web site. They are much like small sized International Marbleheads.

The frames and t-rail are $95 plus $15 shipping and handling in the US and Canada. Ask for a quote on quantity discounts for 5 or more orders at one time and overseas shipping.

The frames are designed by Graham Bantock who optimized them after observing the results of many Rogue RG65 styles. They go together very quickly with the tight fitting notches, ready for planking in a matter of minutes. Compared to making your own band sawn frames, they will save you a significant amount of time just getting started and give you a perfect round bilge hull shape.

Click for the Marine Modelling International JIF.65 Plans. Download the two sets of plans that show the spars and blades to be used with the laser cut framed hulls. Chris Jackson's Rogue RG65 is strip planked with 3/32" pine then fiberglassed. The frames were removed to avoid any distorion in case they warp. The sail control servo is set on what looks like frames that only touch the keel and the gunwales. Note the bellows on the rudder control arm that prevents water ingress.

The Photo Show above is activated by clicking on the triangle. Enlarge the image by clicking on the symbol on the lower right. This PhotoShow has the Rogue RG65 laser cut frames of Graham Bantock's lines with variations allowed by the RG65 Class rules. It is intended for those who want to become more competitive than simply building from hard chined frame designs that are readily available on line. It shows how the t-rails provided assures the precise spacing and straightness of the frames while strip planking. That is only if you anchor the base of the t-rail to a solid plank first. We have know those who started planking without securing it to a plank and had to start over.

Click the triangle for the Rogue RG65 Viper Fish PhotoShow link shown above. Other YouTubes and web sites show how Swing Rigs work and how they are especially beneficial on off the wind legs.

You can build a ROGUE RG65 in a matter of a few days if you follow the steps as shown in the May 2007 issue of Model Marine International. It gives the address of the 2 full pages of instructions with the lines for the frames and the dimensions for the spars and blades.

See the links on the Marine Model Magazine web site to down load them.

MIDWEST Model Yachting provides some of the SAILSetc kits and parts

MIDWEST Model Yachting, LLC P.O. Box 605 Plainfield, IN 46168 provides fittings, parts, SAILSetc plans, and supplies for all classes or model boats. Their web site lists plans for Nimbus MKII, Astra Marblehead, IOM's Kite, Box Kite, Vektor and ZigZag that I provide laser cut frames for provided you have a proof of purchase of the plans. parts as shown on the covered model in that section.
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