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48" Aphrodite Model Boat Frames and Construction by Herb Miller

The 48" frames and parts require eight 1/8" x 12" x 24" and 1 1/16" of plywood. The windows are parallel to the deck which is at variance with the profile plan. This has been confirmed by James Delaney per the plans provided by Mystic Seaport. The forward cabin's access doors are only on the port side and in the pilot house.

48" Aphrodite Rev 1 hull will be finished as a display model

48" Aphrodite Rev 2 hull with cabin installed will be finished as an r/c model

Herb Miller's 48" Aphrodite plywood cabin will be painted to simulate wood grain. Others will cover their cabins with thin adhesive backed mahogany veneer from Home Depot and Menards as recommended by Jim Wangard, editor of Classic Boating.

Classic Boating Article About 74" and 48" Aphrodite Models by Jim Wangard

48" Power Unit Recommendation from Mike Brookes of Australia

G'Day Milton,

I have to disagree with the suggestion to use the same motors as the 36" Shelley Foss tug boat. The needs are completely usedifferent. A tug needs lots of thrust at fairly low speed so they run large props with high torque slower reving motors.

The Aphrodite is a high speed commuter boat which tends to need smaller props running at higher speed but not as fast as the race boats. I think a couple of outrunner brushless motors around 28 - 36 diameter low KV ~800-1000 running on 3S LiPo cells turning a prop 40-45mm diameter The 48" Aphrodite will need a top speed of around 70 feet per second to match the full size boat.

If you like MACK products a couple of the water cooled brushless motors he uses for Miss Severn running on 3S LiPo instead of 14V should come close to doing the trick.

Herb Miller plans to install two Graupner 700 brushed motors with one Viper 40 speed control from ViperTec for both motors found on's web site with 1.5" three bladed propellers. Contact HarborModels at and ask for Dave who spent over 30 minutes with Herb.

Also, find the Graupner 700 BB motors at as an alternative. Look under "RC Boats" to find it.
Graupner USA may also stock them. See their web site at Graupner USA. I suggested to Dumas Model Products that they add the Aphrodite to their line up of powerboat models as a significantly better alternative to their "Dauntless". They could offer the frames and their power units as a package along with hardware et al.

Let me know if you are interested in new boat models not on this list or any of those on Brooklin Boat Yard's classic sailing yachts.

Ask a friend to make a pair of Aphrodites with you for racing!

Aphrodite, the torpedo stern 74' Express Cruiser that FDR commuted with to NY City in WW II

Click for photos from Classic Boating May/June 2007 Issue 137 featuring Aphrodite, the ultimate express cruiser design for model boat building on my latest Aphrodite PhotoShow. Click for a Aphrodite model builder explains!

The cabin parts are made from white birch for mahogany stain for a bright finish. There are frames for each station as shown in the PhotoShow.

To order any of my frames or models, send an e-mail at or call me at 941 966-9172 for details for handling the transaction. I do not have an ordering procedure because of the variety of cases I handle.

Other 48" Aphrodite Model Builders

Christophe Guerin, 6, Rue de la Ronde, 27000 Evreux, Normandy, FRANCE.
E-Mail Christophe Gueri,

Charles Munroe

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