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I offer IOD Class model boats and kits for those with a yen to build one for themselves in many sizes. Very accurate laser cut frames guarantee that your model will be true to the designer's lines. Study these boats lines which are available from links provided to see if you agree how beautiful they are. Whether it will be your first or another one of many models
you build, you will enjoy building one of these plank on frame models.

The IOD 101 shown on the trailer is Jim Bishop's "Makai". She may have been the first fiberglas IOD built. He keeps her at American Yacht Club in Rye, NY.

See the San Francisco IOD Fleet Web site for the wonderful photo galleries with slide shows of IODs in all conditions. I raced there in the 1973 IOD Worlds which was won by Jake Wosser, the well known local champion in many classes includng the big boats. He was a master of the chop at the Berkley Circle which confounded the visiting skippers.

Kendall Allcott of New Zealand's IOD 48" Joyce shown on YouTube video

Ken ordered two sets of IOD 48" laser cut frames that he found on my web site at my website so that he and George Moore of New Zealand could build a pair of these r/c models. Ken did a beautiful job of it as you can see from the stills in addition to this splendid video which he posted to YouTube. He milled his own planks out of poplar.

After seeing the excellent planking job he did, I expected him to finish her bright because the planking was done so meticulously. His cuddy cabin and cockpit area cover provides access to the electronics. Click on the photos for larger images.

Click YouTube for several of my videos about IOD models I offer.

This is the first IOD built by Bjarne Aas of Norway in 1936 for Cornelius Shields who started the IOD Class at Larchmont Yacht Club. I bought her from the Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy in 1971 and raced her from 1971 to 1976. She had been donated there by Robert Howell, former Commodore of the Larchmont Yacht Club.

IOD 1 Aileen is shown as she is today. She was rebuilt professionally by Bruce Dyson of Marblehead some years ago. She was more recently owned by Tony Huston of Larchmont, NY who won the IOD North American Championship in 1996.. She was the fastest boat in the 2006 IOD World Championships rotations. Tony Huston came in 3rd in the 2007 IOD World's at Nantucket. IOD Aileen is now in the new IOD Fleet in Nova Scotia where a new wooden IOD has been built.

Click Here for Wikipedia write-up about the IODs.

IOD One Meter and 48" ready-to-sail r/c models - $3500 plus S&H

This is the first IOD 48" of the IOD fiberglass model production in 1996. Over 35 IOD 48" hulls were sold to those who finished them to their own specifications. I finished five for buyers who ordered them as presents for full scale IOD owners or crews.

Now, IOD 36", One Meter and 48" ready-to-sail models are available customized to your colors and sail numbers for $3500 plus S & H.

IOD laser cut frames for many sizes of r/c models - $175 per set or 2 for $300 plus S&H

An IOD 48" Assembly Manual that was provided with fiberglass hulls and a CD-Rom with an extensive set of instructions and photos from previous IOD builders are provided with each set of frames.

The CD-Rom and Assembly Manual are both available for $25 ppd.

They include the IOD lines drawings and lists of sources for parts to
build vintage models. I will also provide laser cut frames and keelsons for other models in various sizes for $175 per set.

Many IOD manuals and plans have been sold to scratch builders especially in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Contact me for a quote. 941 966-9179 Eastern Time. E-mail Milton Thrasher.

Sound Interclub Class Models Are Like IODs

Sound Interclub Class boats were the predecessors to the IODs at 28 feet. 27 were built by Nevins of City Island, NY, all in 1927. Several are still sailing including the one once owned by the Editor of WoodenBoat magazine and an owner of the original Aileen that Corny Shields sailed in that class before starting the IOD Class. That boat has been rebuilt to like new condition at Hall's Boat Company in Lake George, NY. She was relaunched on July 3, 2011 with much fan fare as reported in the Lake George Mirror.

I am now offering half models and display models of these boats in other sizes that are much like the IOD except that they have fin keels whereas the IOD has a hollow garboard where the sides join the keel. That is a radius of about one foot in diameter.

Laser cut frames for 13, 18, 24, 33.4, 36, One Meter and 48" IOD models - $150 per set plus shipping.

Click on each photo for enlarged views - Click BACK to resume.
This 24" set of frames, center profile panel and cuddy cabin bulkheads true-to-scale. Full hulls or half-models can be made with these frames.

The center profile panel makes it very easy to set up the frames with matching slots in the profile. Planking can start immediately.

This 1OD 18" model was built from laser cut frames that I sell for $150 + S&H. The laser cut deck with etched strip planking is available for $45 if ordered at the same times as the frames.

Click on the deck to enlarge, BACK to return.

IOD laser cut frames in all sizes - $175 per set and two for $300 + S&H

My IOD and Vanja manuals are offered separately along with a CD-rom that includes two excellent model making books continues to be popular for $25 postpaid.

The Daniels and Tucker classic 3rd Edition from 1952 with a lot of information on yacht design has been the main attraction to model makers worldwide.

I have been getting about 1 order per month for the CD-Rom with the two manuals.

See my other web site at

See videos of my models on YouTube.

IOD plank-on-frame model construction process

Attach frames at marks on the keelson with CA glue.

Attach them to cross beams with clothespins while planking so they can be adjusted.

Use planking pieces to assure alignment at various levels and directions before planking.

Install gunwale strips at the deck level to begin. Add planks starting at the deck down and from the keel up. 1/8" x 1/2" basswood is recommended.

Use Elmer's white glue on the frames and each edge.
The new format for cutting layout frames now includes a "T-Rail" to control the spacing and alignment of the frames to assure perfect alignment

Many experienced builders choose IOD models for scratch building

They choose the IOD as one of the most aesthetically pleasing boats of all times.
To make the job significantly easier, order frames and parts for 33.4 , 39.3, 36 and 48" loa. Other sizes are offered such as
These frames may have 3" deeper keels than to scale if desired to be more stable for r/c racing.
One person has recently inquired about a 66" r/c model size set of frames.

For desk top models, exact to scale sets of frames are also available in any size. The 13", 18", and 24" frames with center profile panel and decks are currently available.

Join the Vintage Model Yachts Group for IODs

Join to keep up to date on IOD model yacht happenings. Click on Vintage Model Group/International One-Design 48" for r/c model sailboats.

We had expected groups to be interested

Additional Photos and Videos re: IOD and Other Models

More full scale IODs and IOD model photos are found by clicking on:

Videos of full scale IODs and IOD models can be found by clicking on: You Tube

The San Francisco IOD Fleet slide show video can be seen by clicking SF IOD Fleet.

Yahoo Group "IOD_Model_Yachts" has been created.

You can access it using the link below or from the Yahoo! Groups "My Groups" page.

Group home page:
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I built Star 3909 in 1957 and raced on Lake Hopatcong, NJ and Long Island Sound. I have owned 3 other Stars which are great sailing boats. I now offer band sawn frames and parts for the AMYA Star 45 Class and other size models of the Star, Etchells 22, IOD and Dragon. Star models are the easiest to build due to their flat sides and small arc bottom.

Ready-to-sail 45" radio controlled models - $3,500 + S&H
Band sawn frames and parts for 45" radio controlled models - $150 per set + S&H
Hand carved half-models 13 1/2" loa on 9" x 16.5" wood plaque - $149 + S&H

They are perfect for trophies and gifts for crews and committee members.

Contact - & 941 966-9179

Star Class One-Meter, Star 45 and other laser cut frames now available

The frame layouts can be enlarged or reduced for any size Star model you wish. These are for Star One-Meter, 45 or other sizes of Star Class models.

It is recommended that new builders start with the Star One Meter or 45 before other models with wine glass sections such as the IOD or Marblehead 50/800s. They have hollow garboards which are somewhat more difficult to plank.

Balsa or basswood planking covered with thin fiberglass is the recommended method to build these fine models.

Fiberglass hulls are available from me for $1000 for those who want to get a head start for racing competition.

Click HERE for a YouTube video on how to build a Star 45 Class r/c model using laser cut frames to star.

Contact me for a quote on band sawn frame kits. 941 966-9179.

Etchells 22 R/C 36", 45" and 60" Models and Half-models

The Etchells 22 was described by Dennis Conner as the world's best class. The list of past champions who are America's Cup skippers that race them include Dennis Connor, John Bertrand, Russell Coutts, and Ken Read. Skip Etchells was a former U.S. Navy and Sparkman and Stephens designer. He designed her as a possible Olympic keelboat class in a competition held in Switzerland by an international body. Although the officials spurned his faster sloop in favor of the smaller Soling, the trials generated interest and Etchells began building the first of his 12 boats. Today, there are more than 50 fleets spanning the Earth. A strict one-design association controls class rules and 696 boats are currently registered worldwide.

Having heard that the committee preferred the Soling, I contemplated entering the competition which Skip Etchells entered with his Etchells 22. My plan was to extend the lines of the Soling to 30' which the rules allowed. Skip advised that the Soling had already been picked and not to bother! That was good advice.

The Etchells 22 lines are available from the International Etchells Class in Los Angeles, CA on their Class Rules web pages.

See the E22 Specifications .

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