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Fun Zone


Quistis Trepe here...Jellicle Zone is undergoing big changes,and will become Fun Zone.The new and improved site will feature not only CATS,but things like Disney,virtual pets and Final Fantasy games.Keep checking back for updates.There will be broken links as we transfer all files to backup disk.then this site will be shut down to become a whole new website with a brand-new URL.

Please do not apply for any awards;these awards are no longer going to be handed out to anyone.

UPDATE:I am currently making maps for the upcoming "Islands of Fun "site.Look for the new site to launch anywhere from Jan 2006-April 2006.

DISCLAIMER:CATS does not belong to me,nor do I make any money off of it.CATS belongs to Really Useful Group.This is an unofficial site made by a fan for the fans.I also do not own any of the cartoons or retro-stuff on the Cartoon/Retro page-they belong to their rightful owners(that's not me),and I'm making no money off of them.